• April 15, 2024

Liberals release criminals

 Liberals release criminals

Nationwide, a general sense of unease prevails, and strategically planned civil unrest is imminent. Liberal groups are targeting conservatives and have planned protests in most major cities. Against this backdrop, two liberal governors have taken steps to release thousands of prisoners early. What are they thinking?

Two weeks ago, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed a bill that reduced the sentences for New Jersey prisoners under the guise of COVID-19 response – this reckless law will release at least 2,000 inmates, starting the day after Election Day. This expedited release will wreak havoc on our law enforcement officers who are already stretched thin in anticipation of post-election rioters.

Virginia’s liberal governor is following the same playbook – releasing prisoners early to “combat the spread of the pandemic.” So far, hundreds of prisoners are back on the streets, and the liberal interest groups claim that’s not enough. The Virginia state prison officials believe that more than 14,000 prisoners could be released early thanks to new legislation and Governor Northam.

Liberals who are defunding the police and propping up rioters and looters, are now releasing even more chaos into our streets, giving little thought to the potential havoc this could wreak on our cities and our law enforcement. It’s repulsive. And no single person should have this kind of power in the states.


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