• April 14, 2024

Liz Warren Says Democrats Will Lose Midterms If They Don’t Push Radical Agenda

In a continued display of being totally out of touch with American voters, Senator Elizabeth Warren on Sunday cautioned Democrats, saying that November will be ugly for them unless they are able to get more of their radical legislative agenda passed.

The leftist Senator thinks the winning strategy is to move even further left.

During an appearance with CNN’s Dana Bash, Warren was asked if President Joe Biden going out on the road to tout his “accomplishments” will help Democrats in November. Warren’s response: “I think the President deserves real credit, but it’s not enough.”

So what would be enough?

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Warren: Yank The Steering Wheel Left

Not enough? Riddle: What is less than nothing? 

Regardless, Sen. Warren continued, saying that essentially, Democrats have a short amount of time to insert themselves into every aspect of Americans’ lives:

“We’ve got less than 200 days until the election and American families are hurting. Our job, while we are here in the majority, is to deliver on behalf of those families. And that means making government work for them. This is what democracy is about. Take it to the people what we’ve done, but we need to get the work done.”

Bash then asked, “And if you don’t, will you lose control of Congress?” Warren, to her credit, was fairly honest about the possible bloodbath for Democrats in November. But not for the reasons she thinks.

“Yeah. I think we’re going to be in real trouble if we don’t get up and deliver. Then I believe that Democrats are going to lose.”

So the real question is, what is the “work” Warren says “needs to be done” in order for Democrats to win? 

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The big agenda items Warren touted during her CNN appearance mirrored her New York Times op-ed from last week. 

Instead of talking about record inflation due to Democrat policies and actions, Warren tried to spin the problem of rapidly rising prices as “price gouging.” 

Could “price gouging” be referring to oil and energy companies? During a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance pushed back against that notion:

“Which is it? You can’t blame Putin and us at the same time. The bottom line is we are not price makers, we are price takers. We suffer from low prices and then we have higher prices. That is based on the price of oil globally. But we are not setting that price.” 

To her credit, though, one of Warren’s ideas isn’t half-bad. She took a swipe at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Congressional insider trading on CNN and in her op-ed:

“Whether you’re a Republican senator or the Democratic speaker of the House, it is obvious to the American people that they should not be allowed to trade individual stocks and then vote on laws that affect those companies.”

Warren lists her own assets as mostly mutual funds.

But as is typical, Sen. Warren had to follow up the good with more bad – advocating “cancelling” student loan debt. Of course, student loan debt can’t be “cancelled.” It’s already been disbursed and services rendered. All the government can do is take the liability from the people who borrowed the money and stick it to people who didn’t borrow the money.

According to a report from Forbes magazine, some who have outstanding student loans have said they will not vote for Democrats unless this happens. Quite the vote-buying scheme.

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