• July 14, 2024

Logical Thought

 Logical Thought

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

I often think of those who support what this govt is doing, not those who are aware of what this govt is doing & the reasons why, I’m sorry, but I was forced to place them in the Evil category, their actions are intentional.

I think of those “Americans,” who believe what the govt & media tell them without taking the time to research. It’s like the guy who shows up & tells you he can do a certain job for you at a discount price for only half upfront, to cover costs, & you pay him, end of that relationship & you lose, you were lied to & hustled.

But I realize those people just lack that instinct, ya know, that “thing” that tells you something isn’t right, they just don’t feel it. It’s sad & scary when you fail to sense danger simply because you are not aware of your environment. They just haven’t taken the time to collect facts to form their own reasoning. Instead, they accept what the govt & media tell them & I can understand that. After all, what reasonable person could think that America could ever cease to exist, no, not in America, I know I didn’t live in an America where someone could believe that.

That concept is just so un-American. Only after exposure to various sources of information do you realize how close to a reality that may be. It’s those “not in America” Americans we need to get facts to, we need them to trust us, trust themselves, not the govt. Yes, we need to communicate with them & I know it can be challenging. Basically, we need each other, they need the truth & we need them “Awake.” These are not people we should hate; we should help. Never thought we would need classes on how to be an “American.”

I will always believe the Majority will do what is necessary to preserve this land we live in, this “Republic” where those from all nations united as one into what we call “America.” That has always been America’s strength, all people united around its concept. Always beware of divisions intended to reduce the Majority. As always, reach out, maybe make a friend, share what you know to be the truth & compare it to the info you receive, after all this is about being Logical.

I also wonder, whatever happened to all those Americans stranded in Afghanistan so long ago, or what about our border situation, that this govt refuses to mention? What we do know is Russia is at war, Iran is launching missiles, N Korea is again testing missiles, China tells us not to interfere with them when it comes to Taiwan & everything cost us more than a year ago.

We need to ask those lost Americans why is this happening now, what is causing it? Basically, we need to do our small part as Americans, each & every one of us.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot

Free State of Florida



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