• March 28, 2023

MAGA-STAR Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Blasts Fake News Media for False Reporting – Threatens Legal Action If Article Is Not Corrected (VIDEO)

 MAGA-STAR Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Blasts Fake News Media for False Reporting – Threatens Legal Action If Article Is Not Corrected (VIDEO)

Source: Anna Paulina Luna/Instagram

MAGA-STAR Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) said Friday that the Washington Post wrote a smear job on her with several mischaracterizations, and baseless and inaccurate information, claiming that she only embraced her Hispanic background in order to seek office.

This report was then shared by mainstream media.

“As I’ve said before, and as the Washington Post has clearly showcased, anyone who is a conservative minority is a threat to Leftist control,” Luna told Fox News Digital. “They can try to discredit me, but unfortunately for them the facts completely blow their story out of the water.”

The far-left WaPo published a story attacking her with the headline “The making of Anna Paulina Luna.”

The fake news outlet reported:

Anna Paulina Luna was serving at Whiteman Air Force undefined in Warrensburg, Mo., where friends said she described herself as alternately Middle Eastern, Jewish or Eastern European. Known then by her given last name of Mayerhofer, Luna sported designer clothing and expressed support for then-President Barack Obama,” fake news WaPo wrote.

By the time she ran for Congress as a Republican, she had changed her last name to Luna in what she said was an homage to her mother’s family.

Luna’s sharp turn to the right, her account of an isolated and impoverished childhood, and her embrace of her Hispanic heritage have come as a surprise to some friends and family who knew her before her ascent to the U.S. House this year.

“The Washington Post just tried to claim my dad was never incarcerated, left out comments from my mom, said I was a registered Democrat, and did not report a convo they had with a former roommate, and interviewed “family” I don’t talk to. This is comical,” Rep. Luna wrote on her Twitter account.

“Their source also claimed that I was given a Russian firearm to honor my heritage and was not in the state of MO during the break in. This is wild,” she continued.

Paulina’s friend and roommate’s comment was left off the hit piece because it didn’t fit their narrative.

They left my comments completely out of this story. I’m not surprised though. It didn’t fit the narrative. https://t.co/yHc328GczY

— senro (@syenro_) February 10, 2023

Another friend of Luna came into her defense.

“The sources used by Washington Post to support their story attempting to smear Rep. Luna’s reputation are not credible. Many of us that were stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base with Anna during her military service know her well,” said Instagram user martini1947.

Oooof. pic.twitter.com/rGyHukyfmx

— Anna Paulina Luna (@VoteAPL) February 10, 2023

Rep. Luna has stated

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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