• April 20, 2024

Make Meat Great Again! Don’t Let The Globalists Pull This Off

 Make Meat Great Again! Don’t Let The Globalists Pull This Off

It’s 2023, and most people are scurrying about their days making plans for the Holidays and figuring out whether to serve up a roast, a turkey or a ham. Meanwhile, over 70,000 clowns are toasting champagne at their 5 star hotels in Dubai while thinking they can tell people whether or not a roast, a turkey, or a ham is allowed. While flying around in their private jets, they giggle as they cook up their conspiracy theory on “climate change” to convince people to eat less meat. While they’re dancing with politicians and coercing nations to set new policies and regulations to harm the productivity of farmers and ranchers – our food source – people should be supporting them and stand together in defiance of this nonsense.

The funny thing is, while these clowns conspire and celebrate their narrative to save the planet, in part by the absurdity of reducing meat consumption, many of these same clowns are supporters of Merck and were pushing for a vote at Codex to inject cattle, pigs, and poultry with Merck’s toxic steroid-like drug zilpaterol hydrochloride to produce more muscle and less fat. This of course brings a fortune to Merck, while benefiting the bottom line for ranchers who are ok with poisoning their livestock and humans. How’s that for an oxymoron? That’s right, on November 28th, while the clowns sipped champagne on their private jets headed to the COP28 in Dubai to “save the world from climate change” and instruct nations to reduce meat consumption, their counterparts were at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, voting to approve this poison.

So the question is – do they want to reduce meat consumption or do they want to muscle up the meat and make it more desirable to eat so people devour toxins? Perhaps it’s both. Who can keep track anymore? The cocktails are endless, from GMOs to hormones, antibiotics, DNA and mRNA, or growing meat in a petri dish or 3D printing it. These globalists want to make it so inedible, no one will want to consume meat.

According to Scott Tips, President of The National Health Federation, who attends these Codex meetings to fight for the safety of consumers, this is all about money, and by adopting the Codex standard zilpaterol can “flood the worldRead More

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