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Mandating masks has erased our smile, the psychological effects that no one is talking about

 Mandating masks has erased our smile, the psychological effects  that no one is talking about

By Dr. Dawn Michael

When a mask is placed over a face it covers the mouth and the nose making it difficult to read human emotions and expressions.  In many ways a mask can make us unrecognizable and take away our individuality, making us look like faceless robots out of a horror movie.  Personally, I have noticed that people wearing masks look at each other less often, not wanting to make eye contact or conversation.  The mask is a symbol of sickness or a reminder of the hospital or visit to the doctor, keeping that image in the back of the mind.  In the past a mask represented oppression, submission, and ownership.

One aspect about being forced to wear a mask that is insidious, is the loss of our individual rights, just like they do in Totalitarian States.

The virus itself only affects a small percentage of the population, and that is when it is in the active phase.  If a person is not sneezing or coughing the mask is not going to help because its only purpose is to catch small particles when a medical grade mask is being worn.  Another issue with a mask is that people are constantly adjusting them and touching their face increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

Far worse is what the mask is doing to us psychologically and socially cutting us off from each other and creating fighting amongst ourselves that would normally not be present.  The mask war has turned ugly where some insist others must wear it to protect them and those that do not are selfish.  The idea that a person must wear a mask to protect others is ridiculous especially since what they are asking a person to do has not been proven to work!  The media has been highly effective at pushing this narrative on the public twisting words and emotions to confuse people about what is right and wrong.  Some people are still under the impression that the mask they are wearing protects them from getting the virus but it does not!

Mask shaming because of the media pushing the narrative that everyone should wear a mask and those that do not are selfish has led to more people staying at home out of fear of being ridiculed.  This creates undo stress for people that have anxiety about wearing a mask or other health issues and that can lead to drinking, drugs, depression, violence and even suicide.  How far will people go to shame others into submission and at what cost for not wearing a mask?

One of the craziest enforcements of masks is at a gym where people are working out and a mask is obstructing their airway, this is complete insanity.

Lastly are parents and the public forcing children to wear masks.  How many children have had the virus?  The percentage of children that have the virus is minimal and yet they are being forced to wear a mask that obstructs their breathing.  Children often feel sick when they are forced to wear a mask psychologically being told that they are a danger to others by breathing on them, kids do not understand this.  Another factor is facial expressions, you cannot see if a child is distressed or happy nor can they see another person’s facial expression.  If a child is in distressed it is difficult to tell in a mask that covers most of their face, as well as for them to communicate, scream or even mouth the words HELP.  A masked child is easier to abduct or kept quiet and every parent should be concerned about this.

There is much inconsistency when it comes to the CDC recommendations on masks, face cloths and if they are effective or not.  What makes matters worse are local politicians that take it upon themselves to go beyond the CDC recommendations and add further guidelines without any scientific basis creating more confusion and stress among the public

The one thing that we do know is that this virus came from China, people in China have been wearing mask for decades and now it is being forced on us as well.  What will our future look like if do not fight back NOW, will we become faceless robots walking around or will more of our rights be taken away to the point where America is no longer recognizable!

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