• June 19, 2024

Massachusetts Healthcare Providers to Release Thousands of Non-Compliant Workers Who Refuse Vaccination

 Massachusetts Healthcare Providers to Release Thousands of Non-Compliant Workers Who Refuse Vaccination


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The Associated Press puts the number in the “hundreds.” However, when you look at the statistics within the article the number of workers being released by Massachusetts healthcare providers is actually in the thousands.

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts hospitals are preparing to fire hundreds of employees who fail to comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirements designed to protect patient safety.  Officials at hospitals across the state told The Boston Globe they don’t expect the number of employees who are fired because of vaccine mandates to result in cuts to patient services, but they are stepping up recruitment and retention efforts just in case.

At Mass General Brigham, the state’s largest hospital system, more than 95% of employees have been vaccinated, executives said, but about 4,000 have not yet received their shots or provided proof of vaccination ahead of the system’s Oct. 15 deadline. […] At Beth Israel Lahey Health, 91% of the 35,000-member workforce has been vaccinated, but about 3,000 employees have yet to comply with an Oct. 31 deadline.

[…] Worcester-based UMass Memorial Health Care is giving employees until Nov. 1 to get shots. So far, about 90% have been vaccinated, a spokesperson said. Terminations could affect patient care, Tony Berry said. The system has about 13,000 workers.  “We will do everything we can to not have to resort to program closures, but … we may have no other choice,” he said.  (read more)

It is important to note that many of the people mandated to be vaccinated within the healthcare system are not just nurses and doctors.


Depending on the state, the mandate for healthcare workers covers everyone in the entire healthcare industry including administrators, lab-techs, schedulers, patient advocates, clerical staff, coders, billing offices, cafeteria workers, janitors, cleaning crews, nurses aides, technology staff, Tic-Tok dancers, sales representatives, transportation and more.  Both clinical and non cynical employees are affected.





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