• February 24, 2024

Mayorkas: Borders, Limiting Illegals Does “Violence to Our Values”

 Mayorkas: Borders, Limiting Illegals Does “Violence to Our Values”


Having Borders, border agents, a wall, and limiting illegal immigration does violence to OUR fundamental values? This man is insane, and he’s destroying the country. His values are not American. He’s anti-American.

The  CNN host interviewing the DHS Secretary today mentioned that what Senate Republicans are pushing for right now is very similar to HR2, which passed the House. They want to secure the border, restart construction on the border wall, increase the number of Border Patrol agents, limit asylum, and narrow the president’s parole powers.

“Why is that unpalatable to the administration?” she asked.

“I would say two things. One, we’ve presented proposals that address the situation, that provide real practical solutions and also do not do violence to our fundamental values,” Alejandro Mayorkas said.

“We are a country of refuge; we do have asylum laws, refugee laws, and we abide by our international obligations that are long-standing. And so that is my response to that. Some of the proposals are reasonable and worthy of discussion. Others frankly are not.”


Do I have to mention how incredibly insane this is? That the administration is not following any of our asylum or refugee laws and that we are not a country of refuge. We’re supposed to be a country with laws and borders. Currently, we are on pace to have 3.7 million unvetted, needy, and criminal people in this country each year. Yesterday, 14,000 anonymous people poured in, many from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism. All while FBI Director Wray says the alarms are going off everywhere.

No sane country has open borders and calls itself a dumping ground for criminals, terrorists, and people who can’t care for themselves.

Mayorkas is a full-on communist with untold power. His parents came from Castro’s Cuba. Their son seems to have adopted a Castro mindset.


OUR OMB Director is stunned that we want to secure our own border before securing WEF-tied Ukraine’s border.


Jeh Johnson couldn’t imagine what 4,000 a day would look like, and yesterday, it was 14,000.


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