• March 20, 2023

Media Call Arizona Governor Race for Democrat Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs, the valley girl uptalker who refused to debate, has been declared the winner of the Arizona Governor race against candidate Kari Lake.

I’m not going to try and impart some great wisdom over this, I am likely more disappointed than most, other than to point out the brutally and painfully obvious.  Any electioneering process that takes six days to determine the winner and permits weeks of ballot collection within the construct, is no longer an election based on votes.

I’m not sure what to call these multi-week ballot collection contests, but they do not resemble any election that I can reference in any other western nation.  Kari Lake was clearly the superior candidate, and Katie Hobbs is genuinely -no snark- a doofus.  However, in this new ballot collection electioneering process, you can make the argument that candidate quality is essentially irrelevant.


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