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Michael Bloomberg Warns Democrats They’re Headed For ‘November Wipeout’

 Michael Bloomberg Warns Democrats They’re Headed For ‘November Wipeout’

Former New York City mayor and 2020 Democrat candidate for president Michael Bloomberg has some words of warning for the Democrat party.

He says that unless they change course and do it quickly, they are headed for a wipeout in November.

Frankly, this advice is coming too late. Even if Democrats tried a course correction at this point, their fate is pretty much sealed.

From Bloomberg News:

San Francisco Shows Democrats Have a Seismic Challenge Ahead

The political earthquake that just occurred in San Francisco should be a dire warning to the national Democratic Party, because the same fault line stretches across the country and the tremors are only increasing.

In 2018 and 2020, I strongly supported efforts to win back control of Congress and the White House, because never in my lifetime have protection of the Constitution and the preservation of democracy been so threatened by domestic politics.

I continue to believe that a healthy and vibrant Democratic Party remains essential to beating back the Republican Party’s dangerous turn toward authoritarianism and its tolerance for election subversion. But I am deeply concerned that, absent an immediate course correction, the party is headed for a wipeout in November, up and down the ballot.

Three months after Republicans scored major election upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, largely because of the frustration parents felt with Democratic officials who catered to teachers’ unions and culture warriors at the expense of children, voters in San Francisco recalled three school board members by margins of nearly three to one.

Coming from America’s most liberal city, those results should translate into a 7 to 8 on the Richter scale, because the three main factors that drove the recall are not unique to the Bay Area.

For once, Bloomberg is right.

Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor and Democratic presidential candidate, had an apocalyptic warning for his party Monday: “[A]bsent an immediate course correction, the party is headed for a wipeout in November.” https://t.co/dJHK3OkCwt

— Axios (@axios) February 22, 2022

It really doesn’t matter what Democrats do at this point.

Voters are out of patience with them.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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