• June 18, 2024

Michigan: Muslim leader says ‘we are on the road to White House, to Congress, to decision-making everywhere in US’

 Michigan: Muslim leader says ‘we are on the road to White House, to Congress, to decision-making everywhere in US’


Muslim political power in the U.S. is marketed to Americans as an aspect of our wonderful diversity that is our strength, but it is more than that. With more Muslim political power will come more Sharia, as has been the case everywhere else in the world where Muslims have gained political power. Yet no one is paying any attention, because to take notice of such realities would be “Islamophobic.”

“Osama Siblani, Arab Community Leader In Dearborn, Michigan: 40 Years Ago, The Mayor Of Dearborn Warned Of The City’s ‘Arab Problem’ – Now ‘The Arabs Are Ruling Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, And Hamtramck’; ‘We Are On The Road To The White House, To Congress, To The Decision-Making Everywhere In The U.S.,’” MEMRI, May 10, 2024:

Osama Siblani, the editor and publisher of The Arab-American News said in a May 10, 2024 address at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan that the Arab-American community is on the way to the White House, Congress, and decision making everywhere in America. He said that 40 years ago, the mayor of Dearborn said that the city had an “Arab problem,” and now Siblani said: “The Arabs are ruling Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Hamtramck.” Siblani spoke at a dinner hosted by the Lebanese International Business Council in honor of former director of the Lebanese General Security Agency Major General Abbas Ibrahim, who is known for ties with Lebanese Hizbullah.

Earlier, in November 2023, Siblani shared the stage with Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud and several extremists in a pro-Palestinian rally where the dismantling of Israel was being called for. Siblani said that a new generation has emerged, who will “clean” the U.S. Congress and White House of bloodthirsty killers. He said: “We are on the road to a great victory here in D.C. and there in Palestine” (See MEMRI TV clip 10862).

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud shares the stage with Osama Siblani in November 2023

In a 2022 Nakba Day rally attended by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Siblani praised Palestinian martyrs and said that Arabs will “lift Palestinians all the way to victory,” whether in Michigan or in Jenin, and that all means should be used, including stones, guns, planes, drones, and rockets (See MEMRI TV clip 9566). The previous year, in the 2021 Nakba Day rally, also attended by Rep. Tlaib, Siblani, Siblani praised Palestinian rockets (See MEMRI TV Clip 9598). For more on Siblani, see clips 10927 and 10901.

Osama Siblani: “We have the best we can offer to the United States of America – not only in Michigan, but across the country – and we [have] offered our best.


“The best is yet to come. I can be very confident to tell you that we are on the road to the White House, to Congress, to the decision-making everywhere in the United States.


“Forty years ago, we had a mayor for this town who talked about the Arab problem. Guess what? The Arabs are ruling Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Hamtramck.


“So brothers and sisters, we are on the road. I am saying this because yesterday, when we welcomed our brother and leader, [fmr. Lebanese security chief] Abbas Ibrahim, at the airport, he has seen and witnessed the kind of power and connections that we have.”


  1. Tony50000 says

    The United States needs some proper legislation. Muslims are able to stop the madness in America

    • gravenimage says

      In other words, Muslims can impose the horrors of Shari’ah law, including child ‘marriage’, lopping off the limbs of petty theives, persecuting unbelievers, and stoning rape victims to death.

      Note that “Tony5000”–actually, Abdul–considers this savagery “proper legislation”. *Ugh*.

      • Wellington says

        A very enthusiastic thumbs up to your comment, gravenimage.

        As for Tony5000 he is at best an ignoramus, at worst something far worse.

  2. Mike says

    Mr.Spencer: WHO are YOU to say that with more Muslim power comes more DIARRHEA?

    Islamic cuisines do often contain a lot of fibre, yes, but not enough to cause widespread diarrhea!

    It is true, though,, that jihadism and terrorism can induce dysentry in some Islamophobic people.

    You need to focus on YOUR country, and not worry about BRITAIN and other countries! Don’t you know that there are ABSOLUTELY NO TIES amongst the so-called “pan-jihadist” groups in the world???

    Mohamed Atta and his al-Qaeda cell were not based in Hamburg, they were based in Hamburger Heaven, a Halal restaurant that never caused any excessive shit!

    So, you should stop slinging poo against other countries, and focus on your own!!

    (Signed, John Allah…er, Jibreel Allan…er, AH FOOK!!!!!!)

  3. somehistory says

    This has been the goal from the first footstep a mozlum took in this nation.
    It’s the reason so many mozlums have come here to breed and stay; run for office and whine about every little thing they can dream up to accuse non-mozlums of discrimination.

    Growing in numbers, gaining political control, making resolutions..(like ilhan elmi, alias i.omar) in total favor of mozlums ..a.k.a. against the fake phobia with an ambassador who will keep people from telling the Truth selecting other mozlums for positions of power who don’t have to be elected.

    Electing one mozlum is akin to electing an entire barracks full as they appoint other mozlums as their staff and to sit on boards, and committees, etc.

    And now they have made so many gains, they are emboldened to speak plainly about the goals, knowing the public will hear, but feeling the arrogance of thinking non-mozlums are powerless to stop their running roughshod over us.

  4. Rick Gordon says

    It appears that the Muslims who have adopted ‘jihad’ have no intention of assimilating into America. They just want to rule all of us.
    I’m not a Christian but believe the nation was founded on what we call today ‘Judeo-Christian’ principles such as the Ten Commandments and our approach to fairness and anti-discrimination. I strongly support our governmental system of local, state, and federal laws – with appropriate checks and balances. I do not want to see Sharia law imposed on our citizens.

  5. Wellington says

    Muslims could have never established free polities like England, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada and America, but Muslims are only too ready to take advantage of such free (barely anymore) countries in order to eventually eliminate liberty. What parasites.

    But then Islam from its inception has been parasitical. In fact, if one denies the parasitical nature of Islam from the 7th century onwards, as demonstrated here with this article about Michigan, such a person, Muslim or non-Muslim, is either a deceiver or a fool. No third option exists.

    My utter disgust for Islam, which is the ultimate inveterate enemy of freedom over the longest period of time in man’s history, is “matched” by my almost equal disgust for the Left in the West which, in full stupid mode, examples being Biden, AOC and Bernie Sanders here in America and the idiot PM in Canada, are only too ready to make an alliance with the oldest totalitarian ideology of all time, i.e., Islam, in order to destroy the greatest experiment in liberty of all time, i.e., Western Civilization from the ancient Greeks onwards.

    Islam sucks wherever it is, and especially in places like Michigan. Western Leftism sucks too (e.g., AOC and Bernie Sanders are just fine with the ICC ruling of yesterday). Meanwhile, rogue nations like China and Russia eye all this nonsense going on in Western nations with tremendous delight. Oh yeah, things are out of joint. Rottenness is indeed extensive in mankind presently.

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