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Mini Mike Bloomberg event protested by patriots in opposition to his billionaire funded gun grab

 Mini Mike Bloomberg event protested by patriots in opposition to his billionaire funded gun grab

Jason Roberge (R) for congress Virginia’s 7th congressional district reports on protest

Arlington, VA (February 9th, 2020) – Hundreds of patriots showed up to protest the gun grabbing billionaire “Mini Mike” Bloomberg. Under one hundred Bloomberg supporters showed up to listen to the Washington D.C. Mayor speak at the Arlington Bloomberg campaign event, Bloomberg notably absent.

Bloomberg funded several VA state legislators in order to push his tyrannical gun grab against the will of the people. Some of the legislation the radical democrats are now passing include an assault weapons ban, red flag laws, gun registry, disarming citizens at public events and the list goes on. Roberge, who recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the gun grab was in attendance. “The patriots protesting Bloomberg were energized, Mini Mike has absolutely no place in Virginia.”

The patriotic protestors chanted “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which translates “death to tyrants.” Virginia has seen the destruction that one billionaire can cause in a state legislature when seats were flipped to gun grabbing socialist control. In line with the Virginia Governor “Blackface” Northam, Bloomberg has pushed for radical policies that no rational person believes are constitutional.

Exiting the Bloomberg event, one of the attendees (objectively afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome) was extremely combatant and was searching for a fight with protestors. “This is a man who is gravely ill” noted Roberge. “The radical democrats don’t understand nor respect the Constitution, we love our country and the great Commonwealth of Virginia.” The Bloomberg attendee was seen having what some would describe as a psychological break.

All patriotic attendees policed trash on the ground at the end of the protest, respectfully. Among others in attendance were Virginia U.S. Senate candidates Thomas Speciale and Mary Knapp.

Bloomberg is currently polling around 0% nationally.

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Jason Roberge is Coast Guard veteran and lawyer based in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. To learn more about his campaign, visit http://www.robergeforcongress.com

To donate: https://secure.anedot.com/roberge/donate

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