• February 25, 2024

More Shocking Evidence of a Coverup By the Jan. 6th Committee

 More Shocking Evidence of a Coverup By the Jan. 6th Committee


Overwhelming evidence that you have been lied to about Jan. 6th. The more you watch the video the more enraged you will feel.

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Video Sources:

1. Bannon’s War Room – Julie Kelly: New Evidence of J6, Intelligence Agencies Had Foreknowledge & Coverup

2. Bannon’s War Room – Kash Patel: J6 Report Reveals Intel Withheld from Intelligence Agency, The Truth of J6

3. Greg Price on Twitter – Rep. Higgins Traps FBI Director Chris Wray

4. Glenn Greenwald on Twitter – Ted Cruz Exposes The January 6th plot by the FBI

5. Mr. M Class on YouTube – Ray Epps Introduction

6. Free State Kansas on YouTube – Was Megan Paradise Working for the FBI

7. FreedomFirstNetwork.com – JD Rucker – EXCLUSIVE: Is Leftwing Journalist John Nichols the Infamous January 6 “Scaffold Commander”?

8. InfoWars.com – FBI Facial Recognition Confirms Majority of Initial Capitol Breachers Were Federal Agents

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