• December 3, 2023

MSM Slowly Comes to Grips With Ukraine’s Diminishing Support in Europe, in the US and Worldwide

 MSM Slowly Comes to Grips With Ukraine’s Diminishing Support in Europe, in the US and Worldwide

Slowly but surely, the Mainstream Media is coming to terms with the fact that the support for the Ukrainian regime has diminished considerably in many countries – including the US.

The theme became unavoidable once Poland declared that it will no longer give weapons, ammunition and equipments to Kiev.

The same Poland who has supplied hundreds tanks, 14 Mig-29 fighter jets, served as a major transit hub for weapons from other nations, and provided its military bases for training Ukrainian servicemen.

It was indeed a shocking development.

Warsaw has also spent billions of Euros on other forms of aid, from the construction of houses for refugees to medical supplies and power generators.

Finally, Warsaw now has also said it also will not extend support for Ukrainian refugees – including work permits, free schooling, access to healthcare and other benefits.

After that, all MSM started to evaluate the new reality.

Politico reported:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has made little secret of his plan to keep up the pressure on Ukraine until Western resolve breaks. More than 500 days into his war of aggression, he now has reason to believe things are working out the way he hoped, even if events are not playing out how he might have imagined.”

Besides Poland, nations like Estonia, Slovakia and others have been among Kiev’s most reliable allies, sending weapons and welcoming millions of Ukrainian refugees.

They also had the vital role of Ukraine’s loudest advocates in the West, always pushing for a tough line against Moscow.

“But as the leaders of some of these ride-or-die allies face reelection battles or other domestic challenges, and governments get nervous about the impact of Ukraine one day joining the European Union, that support is starting to waver.”

The dispute between Kyiv and Warsaw over grain shipments is embedded in the upcoming electoral cycle. Warsaw claims Ukraine’s cheap grain undercuts production from Polish farmers.

“’Ukraine realizes that in the last months, they’re not bordering Poland, they’re bordering Polish elections’, said Ivan Krastev, chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria. So for now, ‘the votes of a hundred thousand Polish farmers are more important for the government than what is going to be the cost for Ukraine. And we’re going to see this happening in many places’, he added.”

PM Morawiecki faces Donald Tusk, a former prime

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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