• June 18, 2024

Muslim Immigrants to French Farmers: ‘We’re Here To Kill The Whites’

 Muslim Immigrants to French Farmers: ‘We’re Here To Kill The Whites’



Young French farmers from the villages of Saint-Marcellin and Pont-en-Royans organized a “farmers’ ball” on Saturday evening, May 24, held at the Murinais ballroom. It was to have been a night of innocent fun. They had not counted on Muslim immigrants from Saint-Marcellin showing up with mayhem on their minds. Six Muslims came to the hall, and waited outside. When two farmers left the ball, the Muslims attacked them and. began to beat them up. At that point, other farmers streamed out to help defend their fellows, and the Muslims then fled, only to return later with their own reinforcements, and proceeded to attack the now-outnumbered farmers. One of the farmers was repeatedly kicked and punched, and suffered serious injuries to his head, sufficient to incapacitate him fr 13 days. A night of harmless fun turned into a nightmare when Muslims, for no reason other than their hatred of “whites” — that is, indigenous Frenchmen — led them to unleash their unprovoked and savage attack. More on the attack can be found here: “Crépol, continued,” translated from “Crépol, suite,” by Michel Janva, Le Salon Beige, on May 30, 2024 (thanks to Medforth):

A dancing evening, the “Farmers’ Ball,” was organized on Saturday evening in the Murinais village hall by young farmers from Saint-Marcellin and Pont-en-Royans.

A first fight broke out in front of the room between two men who were leaving the evening and half a dozen others who were outside, young people from Saint-Marcellin. As other people came out of the room to help their two friends, their opponents were pushed back and they fled.

But later, they returned with reinforcements, and a second, much more violent brawl broke out, during which the main victim was kicked and punched. This young man was able to leave the hospital during the day but he suffered a serious head injury, his total incapacity for work (ITT) having been set at 13 days.

“They are the same as in Crepol” admits the mayor.

“The attackers wanted to beat up white people,” says a witness.

This latest attack reminded many French of the attack on November 18, 2023, in the tiny village of Crépol, in the Drôme department, with a population of about 500. Local, farmers had organized an annual “winter ball” attended by many people from the surrounding area. Just as the evening was ending, and people streamed from the hall, a gang of Muslims, armed with knives, arrived at about 1:30 a.m., and began stabbing the French people. Nine people were stabbed with knives, while others were hit with stones and fences. Eight people were treated for shock. 16-year-old Thomas Perotto was stabbed in the heart and the throat, and died. Two others, aged 23 and 28, were treated as “absolute emergencies” while six others were treated for minor injuries. Witnesses said that when the Muslims arrived, they yelled out “we’re here to kill the whites.” And that’s what they tried to do.

The mass assault on unarmed French farmers became the focus of outrage, the event fueling demands for curbing Muslim immigration. Members of right-wing groups opposed to the Muslim invasion of France — described unfairly as “far-right” — descended on Crépol to show solidarity with the victims and to express their fury with the government’s seeming inability to control the spreading violence by Muslims, a violence that has now spread even to the smallest villages in rural France, such as Crépol. The Muslim threat has been the focus of outrage; a hundred French people descended on the town to protest the attack and the French government’s seeming inability to control the spreading violence by Muslims even in rural France, la France profonde.

Crépol, population 400, is not a Muslim-populated No-Go Zone, like the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis or the northern neighborhoods of Marseille. The Muslim attack there last November, and the one just now in Pont-en-Royans, have shown the French that even in the most rural and remote villages, there are Muslim immigrants ready to “kill all the whites.” How many more thomas-perottos will have to die before the French government comprehends the Muslim threat within?

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