• May 18, 2024

NATO’s Plan?

 NATO’s Plan?

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

By Frank D. Lovell

Could this whole thing be a test by Russia & others of NATO’s resolve & unity? First, what is the capability of NATO, 30 nations in numerous locations capable of issuing an attack against an enemy engaging in war-like activity, in achieving their purpose to guarantee the freedom & security of its members through political & military means. https://www.nato.int
That is a powerful advantage if unified. I often wonder how many are aware of the critical importance of President Trump shaming nations to pay their fair share, NATO received billions in their reserve, & now is capable of living up to their purpose, now may be the time to decide & act on what their purpose is.
If I were Russia, I’m not as concerned with Ukraine as I would be NATO. However, it took Ukraine for Russia to see the strength of opposition against their actions. Now we have 2 other nations asking to join NATO which will only increase NATO’s ability to advance Freedom & Safety. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a Russian issue, China & others are paying attention to the response of NATO, this is a global test to decide the battle lines & capabilities of all nations to engage in war.
Now I see America giving $ to Ukraine while all nations should be giving $ to NATO, that is our unified force isn’t it? Then NATO decides what countries can contribute what to the defense & a support plan is engaged. This is what our enemies are waiting for, they see support going to Ukraine but will we see the full capability? Will we see NATO boots on the ground, aircraft, and ships? At that point, an intelligent enemy will seek an “honorable” way out, & you would have stopped a war & possibly prevented others from engaging in evil actions. 
Don’t forget the major player in NATO is America. So any test of NATO is a direct test of America’s resolve. If NATO doesn’t stand up right now & utilize all its capabilities as unified nations we may have a very serious problem. I suspect all those nations are waiting for America to set the tone for international conflict. I fear today America is not leading in that direction. Which hopefully forces NATO to move forward with a solution.
Now don’t get me wrong, the Ukrainian government is totally corrupt & may even abuse its people. Also, it’s not a member of NATO although applied, an invasion of Ukraine does threaten the safety of bordering NATO nations. However, NATO actions should be in support of the Ukrainian people, who may decide to change their govt,
Strange, NATO only accepts communication & responds to media outlets. However, I found NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/jensstoltenberg/mentions & Twitter http://twitter.com/jensstoltenberg Should we ask him what the plan is?
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Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida
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