• April 14, 2024

New Detailed Timeline: What Really Happened in Uvalde, Texas?

 New Detailed Timeline: What Really Happened in Uvalde, Texas?

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Before I begin, if you believe Uvalde, Parkland, or any of the other school shootings didn’t happen, stop reading.

As we all try our best to make sense of another mass killing in the United States, we’re learning more and more about the situation and getting a better picture of what did (and didn’t) happen. It is of the utmost importance to make sense of these events and learn from them. So much so that if we had done exactly that on February 14, 2018, we may have a different situation today. I am going to outline the series of events as stated by law enforcement officials in Uvalde, TX regarding the shooting, followed by some questions that I feel are incredibly relevant and need answers.

But before we start the timeline, we must first ask an extremely important question: How did an 18-year-old man, with no known employment, who was living with his grandmother because of an addicted mother, afford:

Two expensive firearms made by Daniel Defense ($2,000 each)an EOTech optic ($400-$700)1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 depending on how they were purchased)body armor ($500-1000)and over 60 magazines ($10-20 each)

For a total of approximately $6300 to $8,000? Most established adult Americans, especially after the last two years and the current economy, can’t afford a fraction of that. But this young 18-year-old was able to do so with no known job and all on a debit (not credit!) card? In a border town reportedly overrun by the worst of the worst from the US Border…I’ll let you make your own assumptions.

Now, the timeline…this we know. Well, at least we’ve been told. Initial reports yesterday from Texas DPS spokesman Victor Escalon stated that Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother, DM’ed some friends about it on Facebook telling them he was going to now shoot up a school, and then drove to Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX. At 11:28 am he crashed his truck into a large drainage ditch. It appears as though he drove into the ditch by crashing the gate that was securing it, smashing up the front of the truck and snapping the axles on the front left and rear left of the truck.

According to Escalon’s presser, this commotion caused two men from the funeral home to come outside and approach the truck. Ramos shot at the two men and they quickly fled, uninjured. The map below shows the funeral home, Robb Elementary, where the truck crashed

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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