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New Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Plans To Carry A Gun When In Washington, DC

 New Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Plans To Carry A Gun When In Washington, DC

Lauren Boebert is a new Republican in Congress from Colorado.

She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and is planning to carry a gun for her safety when she is in Washington, DC.

After what we saw over the summer, who can blame her?

CNS News reports:

Newly Elected Congresswoman: ‘My Most Basic Right Is the Right to Defend Myself’

Colorado’s newly elected U.S. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert on Tuesday described herself as “a 34-year-old woman who wants to protect herself in this dangerous city, here in our nation’s capital” — by carrying a gun.

“You know, it’s very interesting that here in the United States of America that there is so much controversy over our Second Amendment rights,” Boebert told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning.

It’s right there in our Constitution. It’s an amendment to our Constitution. And there’s an absolute uproar over…wanting to defend myself. Come on, I’m 5-foot-zero, I’m 100 pounds. I’m in now one of the most dangerous cities in America. The violent crime rate here is 158 percent times higher than the national average.

I will be walking alone a lot. Just like I say in my ad, being a member of Congress is pretty basic. I don’t go to work in an armored vehicle. I don’t have personal police escorts. I am my own security here. And my most basic right is the right to defend myself.

The city’s police chief is already having a meltdown over this for some reason.

NBC 4 reports:

Police Chief Warns New Congresswoman About Carrying Gun in DC

D.C.’s police chief issued a stern warning for a new member of Congress who tweeted a video of herself purportedly carrying a Glock handgun on the streets of D.C. and on the U.S. Capitol campus.

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., posted the video explaining why she plans to carry her gun on the streets of D.C…

“That congresswoman, whoever it is, I guess it was from Colorado, will be subjected to the same penalties as anyone else that’s caught on the District of Columbia streets that’s carrying a firearm,” he said.

See Boebert’s video below:

Let me tell you why I WILL carry my Glock to Congress.

Government does NOT get to tell me or my constituents how we are allowed to keep our families safe.

I promise to always stand strong for our 2nd Amendment rights.https://t.co/E75tYpdN4Bpic.twitter.com/qg7QGenrNo

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) January 4, 2021

Who can blame her for wanting protection?

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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