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Northam Attacks On 2nd Amendment Are Illegal & Should Be Resisted “In The Streets”

 Northam Attacks On 2nd Amendment Are Illegal & Should Be Resisted “In The Streets”

Jason Roberge (R) only candidate in the VA-07 primary who has committed to a term of years.

 by Jason Roberge

Spotsylvania, VA  (January 6th, 2019) – Jason Roberge, a Veteran and candidate for Virginia’s 7th congressional district, is announcing his bold approach to stand against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s disturbing decision to use state resources to organize highly illegal gun confiscation efforts that will effect millions of law abiding Virginians who refuse to allow a documented racist like Northam dismantle one of our nation’s most important founding principles.

Northam and his Michael Bloomberg funded allies in the House of Delegates have made it clear that our constitutionally protected right to bear arms is not only on the chopping block, but also the subject of a state powered Gestapo force looking to confiscate our firearms at whatever cost. Governor Northam and his thugs think that residents of Old Dominion will allow his politically motivated left-wing goon squad systematically track and intimidate law abiding Virginians without a fight. This could not be further from the truth.

In the month of January, the state legislature that has been purchased by left-wing billionaire Michael Bloomberg, not only wants to outlaw our right to own firearms and our constitutionally protected rights to defend ourselves, they also want to create tyrannical gun registration programs meant to scare Virginians away from utilizing their Second Amendment rights to protect their families without having to rely on the state.

Similar laws being promoted across the United States are top priorities for anti-American left-wing apparatchiks who prefer America to become more like gun-free zones like London, where they are now even confiscating knives and sharp objects from the citizenry. In their ultimate wisdom, the Founding Fathers gave us non-negotiable protections against the type of inhumane and dictatorial government we fled to start anew in America.

This is why I fully support local law enforcement officials in their efforts to resist this unconstitutional attack on our GOD GIVEN rights ensured by our founding documents that were meant to protect us from a government that has superior firepower and lawmaking abilities, that will ultimately enslave Americans in order to force them to submit to a dystopian landscape where the common people stand no chance against the powers-that-be.

Militias and other citizen deputized patriots who are willing to stand up to Governor Ralph “Blackface’ Northam and his big city billionaire ally Michael Bloomberg should be applauded and supported at whatever cost. Virginian’s have a long and storied history in protecting ourselves against infringements on our personal freedoms that allow us all to defend our faith and our families.

The 2nd Amendment is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Political hacks and out-of-town billionaires cannot match up to the vigor and dedication that Virginians have in preserving our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will not stand for a group of jack-booted thugs that are looking to disarm and degrade our constitution. I will fight these incursions on our liberty and freedom. We will ultimately settle this at the ballot box, but we must never rule our citizen action in the streets across Virginia, even if that means supporting the brave notion of resisting government backed gun confiscation and registration. Our campaign stands ready to do whatever it takes to stop the bastardaziation of our constitutional rights. No surrender and no retreat, not now and not ever.

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Jason Roberge is Coast Guard veteran and lawyer based in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. Mr. Roberge will be on hand for the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s “Lobby Day” on January 20th and the NRA’s “Defend Freedom” event on January 13th, both of which will be held at the Virginia State Capitol.

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