• September 27, 2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Looking to House Illegal Border Crossers in Empty School Buildings for the Summer

 NYC Mayor Eric Adams Looking to House Illegal Border Crossers in Empty School Buildings for the Summer

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is still struggling to deal with the massive flow of illegal border crossers into the city, specifically where to house them.

He is currently eyeing the city’s school buildings, which are mostly empty for the summer, even though he faced public backlash when he tried to house these folks in school gyms back in May.

Someone should tell the mayor that one of his options is shipping these illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

Townhall has the story:

NYC May House Illegal Immigrants in Empty Schools During the Summer

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ administration is looking to house illegal immigrants in public school buildings that will be empty throughout the summer.

Reportedly, a list of school buildings that could potentially house the illegal immigrants was compiled by the Office of Emergency Management with Adams’ office, according to the New York Post. The list currently includes 20 to 30 school buildings.

“As Mayor Adams has said repeatedly, we have more than 51,800 asylum-seekers in our care and have reached capacity,” a mayoral spokesperson told the Post about the plan to use school buildings to house those in the United States illegally. “While this option is not ideal, none are, and we are in no position to take anything off the table.”

Previously, Adams and his administration faced backlash for placing illegal immigrants in school gyms. This came after Title 42, the rule that allowed migrants to be turned away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expired.

Vito Fossella, a former Republican congressman, told the outlet that it “doesn’t make sense whatsoever” to house illegal immigrants in schools.“Staten Island didn’t create this problem and shouldn’t have to solve this problem.”

This would be just a temporary fix, and what would the schools look like at the end of the summer?

NYS and NYC must reverse and stop proposing policies that attract illegal migrants to this state. We cannot sustain this many people.

These schools are maintained during the summer — and in the blink of an eye kids will be back. Then what?https://t.co/EHyf6Ehwer

— Candice Giove (@candicegiove) July 6, 2023

Housing illegal immigrants in schools is unacceptable.https://t.co/jvxJ3k2XdV

— Rep. Elise Stefanik (@RepStefanik) July 6, 2023

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