• April 20, 2024

NY’s Migrants Debit Card Isn’t $53M – That’s the Fee – It’s $2.5B+

 NY’s Migrants Debit Card Isn’t $53M – That’s the Fee – It’s $2.5B+


My earlier report about migrant debit cards, taken from mainstream media, said the program’s total cost was $53 million. That is not the total cost. Instead, it is only the fee that Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi) will receive for its services. This is stated in the contract.

City Hall has given itself the flexibility to disburse at least $2.5 billion on the pre-paid debit cards over a year.

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The contract allows over $15,000 for a family of four without ID checks or fraud control. City Hall has said they will make the migrants sign an affidavit promising only to use the cards for food and baby supplies. We’re sure every criminal will abide by that.

MoCaFi is connected to Mayor Eric Adams through friends and campaign contributors. They received a no-bid contract.



A migrant family of four could get $ 15,200 a year of taxpayer cash under NYC Mayor Eric Adams’s debit card scheme.

A cost breakdown of the Immediate Response Card initiative shows how much migrants could receive under the scheme.

According to the New York Post, a single adult could be given $345 a month, while a family of eight could be given $2,203 a month.

Likewise, a family of three could receive $932 per month, and a family of four could be given $1,195 per month to spend on food at local grocery stores, supermarkets, and bodegas.

A start date for the scheme has not been set but the pilot will include 500 families at the Roosevelt Hotel and could eventually include up to 6,500 families, with officials saying it will save $600,000 per month and $7.2 million annually.

It saves nothing. They shouldn’t be here and should be sent home.

Democrats are trying to break the system.

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