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Obamagate, those Trump tweets that may involve Rome

 Obamagate, those Trump tweets that may involve Rome

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The roads of the American counter-investigation into the origins of Russiagate – from Donald Trump renamed Obamagate – could involve Rome. How? Yesterday, in the barrage of tweets by the US President against his predecessor, accused by the current tenant of the White House of attempting to “sabotage” his presidency by making false accusations of collusion with the Kremlin, the expert retweeted of the Hoover Institution Paul Sperry, who mentions a particular name: FBI agent Michael Gaeta , legal assistant at the United States Embassy in Rome. Sperry writes: “Gaeta, Christopher Steele’s FBI contact”, author of the false dossier on Russiagate and former British spy, “testified that he met” the latter on July 5, 2016 and ended his relationship with Steele in November 2016 in Fd-1023 reports but Ig Horowitz does not mention these reports “.

Those meetings in Rome between the FBI and the former British spy

As La Stampa recalled last February, in Rome, on 3 October 2016, a secret and crucial meeting took place between the FBI investigators and their British informant Christopher Steele , author of the famous report on the alleged dangerous relations between Trump and the Kremlin. A dossier that later turned out to be largely unfounded and false, as the same former member of the British spying agency for foreign affairs later admitted, financed by Fusion Gps , the Democratic National Committee, the Campaign by Hillary Clinton and the Washington Free Beacon. In essence, from Trump’s enemies. The FBI investigation into the connections between Trump’s campaign and Russia led to the appointment of Special Adviser Robert Mueller, who produced the final dossier on the investigation which establishes that there is no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia , as also stated by Attorney General William Barr .

Steele, La Stampa recalls , after his career in intelligence, had subsequently founded his own investigative agency, Orbis, and in this capacity he had met Michael Gaeta , legal assistant at the United States Embassy in Rome. Once the Crossfire Hurricane investigation is launched, the FBI had reopened the canal with Steele through Gaeta. So on October 3, 2016 Gaeta had invited the former secret service agent to Rome, offering him $ 15,000 to exchange information with three agents involved in the investigation into Trump. The conversation in a secret location lasted about three hours, and Steele was also offered to put the FBI in touch with the manager of the St. Petersburg hotel who had seen Trump with the prostitutes. All this is contained in the report on Crossfire Hurricane that the Inspector General of the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz published on December 9 last, from page 108 to page 115, and again on page 386.

As reported by RealClearInvestigations , the report of Inspector General Michael Horowitzdescribes how a team of FBI agents in early October 2016 shared classified material with Steele a few weeks before the bureau broke off ties with the former British spy for divulging his research to the media. The IG report also reveals that FBI agents knew that Steele worked for Glenn Simpson (Fusion Gps) and that he was paying Steele to dig for Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign: Steele informed the FBI that Hillary Clinton herself was aware of the his job. The former MI6 agent did not keep the confidential material he had learned from the FBI to himself. Shortly after the Rome meeting, in fact, Steele informed Simpson what the FBI had revealed to him.

The Flynn case and Trump’s “revenge”

The  Flynn case  is the fuse that ignites the revenge of The Donald, eager to shed light on the origins of Russiagate . “I hope you enjoyed investigating me – now it’s my turn”: it is the emblematic caption that accompanies the photo of the US president  published on Twitter the other day  by the tenant of the White House. Another tweet, also published by Trump himself, is equally eloquent, “Obamagate”, which means only one thing: Trump is convinced that Obama has conspired against him.


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