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Obama’s Admin Helped Biden’s Influence Peddling Scheme

 Obama’s Admin Helped Biden’s Influence Peddling Scheme


America First Legal, run by Stephen Miller, obtained new documents placing Barack Obama’s administration into Biden’s influence peddling operation.

In a series of twelve posts on X, Miller explained the extent of the influence operation and Hunter’s extensive work with the White House to promote the business with only one product – Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.

“We obtained new docs in our lawsuit against the National Archives showing how Hunter Biden received special attention from the Obama Admin for his trips to China, while his CCP-backed venture (BHR Partners) appeared to intersect with his work for Burisma,” AFL posted on X.

“As we’ve previously uncovered, Hunter was intimately involved with the Office of the Vice President when it came to meetings and visits relating to China, despite Joe Biden’s claims of an ‘absolute wall’ of separation being in place,” AFL continued.

“New emails from May 2014 show the US Embassy in Beijing, Ambassador Max Baucus, and the office of the vice president proactively reached out to help Hunter on his China trips, and Hunter’s executive assistant, Katie Dodge, thanked everyone, stepping forward to help.

“Leading up to this, Hunter was meeting with and writing to Jonathan Li (his BHR business partner) and the Chinese Ambassador, according to @WaysandMeansGOP’s IRS ‘Whistleblower X,’ Special Agent Joseph Ziegler,” AFL’s thread went on.

“In February 2014, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Jonathan Li, set up Rosemont Seneca Bohai to hold the equity of BHR and help their Chinese government-owned counterpart go private, according to @GOPoversight ’s interview of Devon Archer,” AFL noted. “In April 2014, Hunter became a member of Burisma’s board of directors.”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Hunter also noted his connection to then-ambassador Baucus.

“On Baucus- we have a very very good relationship and I can ask anything we need- don’t need his best friend if that’s why you are [meeting] him,” Hunter Biden told Archer in late April 2014. Archer appeared to schedule a meeting with Baucus in late 2014 ahead of an upcoming BHR board meeting, emails show.

“As you know, I was waiting for a confirmation for our meeting at the US Embassy with Ambassador Baucus October 8th. That being said we have pressing matters and we can postpone that reception until next Board meeting,” Archer told Li with Hunter Biden copied.

Emails showed they probably set up a meeting with Baucus.

“Also spoke to Ambassador Baucus’s office, and they were willing to do a meeting next week. Tentatively,” Archer said to business associate James Bulger with Hunter Biden copied.

“It was a pleasure meeting each of you in person and I hope you are now safely ensconced in your respective homes after last week’s whirlwind of activities. Many thanks for travelling halfway across the world to attend the board meeting and for setting up the meetings with SASAC and the Ambassador,” the BHR business associate said, according to the emails.

The BHR employee wanted Baucus to attend a dinner meeting.

“Met up with Jimmy this morning and had a great chat, he will come to the seminar on the 28th regardless of the board meeting. We will be hosting a private dinner after the seminar for a select group of guests and it would be great if Ambassador Baucus could make an attendance then. I will leave it to you to work your magic,” the Chinese business partner wrote to Archer, according to the emails. Hunter Biden, Jonathan Li and additional business associates were put on the email exchange.

“I will be available in Beijing at any later date in November or December. I appreciate that and will work on the Ambassador in the meantime,” Archer replied. It’s unclear if another meeting with Baucus took place.

Hunter Biden went to at least 15 countries with his vice presidential father on Air Force Two.

A House report from September says that Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan gave the Biden family and business partners more than $24 million.

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