• April 15, 2024

OF COURSE: Nonbinary Child of Massachusetts Democrat Who Assaulted Police Officer Gets Probation

 OF COURSE: Nonbinary Child of Massachusetts Democrat Who Assaulted Police Officer Gets Probation

Riley Dowell is the child of Democrat Minority Whip, Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts. Riley was born male but now identifies as female.

In January, Dowell was arrested for assaulting a police officer at an anti-cop rally in Boston. He pleaded not-guilty at the time.

Today, Dowell was sentenced and got probation. Is anyone surprised? It’s a good thing he wasn’t caught parading at the Capitol.

The New York Post reports:

Rep. Katherine Clark’s transgender daughter Riley Dowell sentenced for assault on Boston cop

The daughter of House Minority Whip Katherine Clark – the second highest ranking Democrat in the lower chamber – was sentenced to one year of probation Wednesday for her role in a violent protest in Boston earlier this year.

Riley Dowell, 23, was arrested by police in January after allegedly spray-painting a monument in the historic Boston Common with anti-police slogans “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB” — an acronym for “all cops are bastards.”

During her arrest, Dowell allegedly struck a police officer in the face, leading to an assault and battery on a police officer charge, on top of charges of vandalizing property, tagging property, vandalizing a historic marker/monument, and resisting arrest.

The Democratic whip’s daughter struck a deal with prosecutors that will result in the dismissal of her case after writing a letter of apology to Officer Daniel Roca, who suffered a bloody nose during the Jan. 21 incident, completing 30 hours of community service within a year and re-paying the city for the cost of removing her graffiti, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday.

Riley seems like a real stand-up citizen.

Jared ‘Riley’ Dowell, the biological son of Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine M. Clark got 1 year probation for assaulting a Boston police officer at an Antifa event in support of Stop Cop City in January.https://t.co/nQy1ZliOurhttps://t.co/gZkYWrJB0lpic.twitter.com/wTQdUpAaIz

— AntifaWatch (@AntifaWatch2) May 4, 2023

Democrat Katherine Clark’s trans daughter Riley Dowell, gets PROBATION for ‘hitting cop in the face’ & spray-painted ‘All Cops Are Bast**ds’ and ‘NO COP CITY’ on a Bandstand Monument — east side of the Boston Common during the Antifa protest on Jan. 21. https://t.co/jmtgflrl3P

— CJ4America (@GrammyC4Zone) May 4, 2023

Is there any question that we have two systems of justice in our country now?

There is one for Democrats and another for everyone else.

OF COURSE: Nonbinary Child of

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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