• May 23, 2024

Outlaw Joe Biden Wants Us to Believe That He Has Been Arrested At Least Twice

 Outlaw Joe Biden Wants Us to Believe That He Has Been Arrested At Least Twice


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To hear Old Joe Biden tell it, in his younger days he was one tough hombre, fearsome enough to face down Corn Pop. He even says he has been on the wrong side of the law more than once and has been arrested at least twice. No, not for anything that had to do with Ashley or Hunter Biden. In Old Joe’s addled recollections, he has been arrested at least twice for standing up for justice and righteousness. Sure, Joe. And you’re fully in charge of your administration, too.

On Friday, Old Joe once again showed how in touch he and his handlers are as he tried again to shore up his standing among the young and the hip by going on the show of a septuagenarian has-been with an audience of an average age of about 72. The superannuated fabulist’s appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” was so disastrous that even the Biden regime propagandists at CNN ran a “Fact Check” about Biden’s claims, a treatment they usually reserve only for Donald Trump and other patriots.

Biden, CNN noted, has told this latest lie more than once: “on Friday,” it reported, the ostensible president “repeated his familiar story about the time he supposedly ‘got arrested’ trying to defend the civil rights of black Americans.” This one has to do with his sainted mother: “As in the past, Biden told the story on Friday while recounting what his mother supposedly said while urging him to accept Barack Obama’s 2008 offer to be his running mate. His mom, he said, did not want him to turn down a man who was vying to become the first black president.”

On Friday, Old Joe told the story in a way that implied that he has always had trouble remembering things, and not just since he has been suffering from dementia: “She said, ‘Joey, let me — remember’ — true story, she said — ‘Remember when they were desegregating Lynnfield, the neighborhood … suburbia — and I told you — and there was a black family moving in and there was — people were down there protesting; I told you not to go down there and you went down, remember that? And you got arrested standing on the porch with a black family? And they brought you back, the police?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, Mom, I remember that.’”

That’s four “remembers,” three of them from Biden’s mother, directed at the future president. Was the teenage Biden already suffering from memory loss, such that his mother kept having to nag him to remember things? Or have reminders to remember things become such a regular feature of his life as an octogenarian figurehead that his current condition colors the way he sees the past and tells his old familiar lies?

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