• July 25, 2024

Outrageous Violations of the Constitutional Rights of J6 Prisoners

 Outrageous Violations of the Constitutional Rights of J6 Prisoners


Attorney Joseph McBride represents several of the J6 prisoners. He told Rob Schmitt on Wednesday night that the DOJ continues to violate the 8th Amendment rights of the prisoners. The 8th Amendment protects against cruel and unusual punishments. They are also violating their 5th amendment due process rights.

“Because in this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. And what that means is you cannot be punished, never mind cruel and unusual.  What we have here is also the denial of medical care, denial of access to your discovery, the spying in on attorney-client privileged calls, all while the court is accusing these men of violating the Constitution and somehow violating the electoral process, while simultaneously whipping their rights away.

“These men are being stripped of their rights. They’re being held in these gulags under egregious conditions. They’re being forced to take pleas that they should never have to take …because if they dared to go to trial… they’re going to get hit over the head with decades in jail.

“This is the stuff of dictatorships, not the great United States of America.”

Meanwhile criminals run free in the blue states and cities, and we hear crickets from our politicians who are letting this abuse take place. Watch the brief clip.

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