• July 14, 2024

Parents have the power!

 Parents have the power!


Last night was a HUGE night for parents and concerned citizens across America.


In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin notched a MASSIVE upset victory against Terry McAuliffe in the state’s race for governor, in a campaign in which public education was the top issue by far.


Now, Parents Defending Education is not a political organization. We don’t endorse candidates or take sides in elections. But what we do love to see is concerned parents and taxpayers rising up to make their voices heard—and that is UNDENIABLY what happened in Virginia last night!


But as a friend and partner of PDE, you know that elections are just one venue in which parents need to fight off the onslaught of radical ideologies in our public schools. Our work to empower parents for action in their schools and with their local school boards continues every day in communities across America. 


For months, Virginia has been a microcosm of the parental rights movement across America.


Back in the summer, in northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, a school board meeting was shut down after parents packed the room. In the fall, a nationally covered case of rape in a high school bathroom—followed by an alleged cover-up—prompted the resignation of one Loudoun County School Board member.


And as all of this was going on, in late September, Terry McAuliffe said in a televised debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” He then doubled down on the statement later that evening.


Immediately, parents took notice and the landscape started to change.


In the weeks that followed that debate, the polls shifted dramatically in the governor’s race—especially among parents of school-age children. One poll taken a week before the election had Glenn Youngkin winning 56 percent of parents with K-12 kids!


The numbers in the suburbs overall shifted considerably as well. In fact, in virtually every major suburban Virginia county, Youngkin outperformed Donald Trump’s 2020 share of the vote—often by large margins.


The bottom line?


This election is proof-positive that parents have the power to change the direction of their localities, their states, and our NATION.


When we unite and take action for the good of the children in our communities, we can hold radical elected officials and bureaucrats accountable and get the outcomes we demand.


At PDE, we’re working to empower parents and concerned community members every day to do just that. 


This victory for Virginia’s parents wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless work of friends and partners on the ground.


We’ve gotten to know parent organizations across the state who’ve been on the front lines, holding their own districts accountable and sharing tips with us. This victory for Virginia’s parents wouldn’t have been possible without their tireless work.


But as we continue on, it’s important to know that electoral victories are not in themselves the solution. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance – which is why it’s so important that we continue to keep an eye on local school board meetings, attend parent-teacher conferences, file public records requests, and participate in PTA meetings.


PDE stands with parents in all of these venues and more, ready to empower you as you fight to take back your local schools from the clutches of radical ideologues.


With your continued support, we plan to continue our groundbreaking investigations, reports, distribution of resources, awareness campaigns, and—when necessary—legal action.


Take time to celebrate tonight! Tomorrow, we go back to work.


For America’s children,


Nicole Neily, Presdent

Parents Defending Education








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