• July 13, 2024

Please Wake Up!

 Please Wake Up!


Please Wake Up!

Yes, I have this compulsion to tell stories, in case ya haven’t noticed. I know for many I only express what you already feel & I’m trying to move on from that but it’s about those people YOU know who don’t feel as we do.

I think a # of people realize the country is in trouble, but America has conditioned them to believe it always works out & I understand that concept ‘Not in America,’ we could never encounter an evil that could change our way of life forever in a negative manner.

I remember thinking that America is great & will always survive anything because we did, & we continued with our lives creating that ‘More Perfect Union,’ that our Founders demanded we pursue. However, now I just know too much, I am constantly being aware of facts that tell me America is in deep trouble, so much so that it’s difficult to express it all here.

1. Children in kindergarten are being exposed to sexual concepts as part of their learning & I can’t find a purpose. Children need to develop those skills that allow them to survive in America & according to many studies they are failing. A policy of our educational system in conjunction with govt & it’s just a fact. I think they have many years ahead of them before that topic should be a concern.

2. Children are being told the color of their skin is a negative controlling factor in their lives that others are responsible for. Those instructions set us back 100 years, that’s racism raising its ugly head again & it’s a policy of our educational system in conjunction with govt & it’s just a fact.

3. Millions of Illegal Immigrants walking across our border & being allowed to enter every state in America while being supplied with financial assistance, while we have a homeless problem. The govt doesn’t know who or where they are. In fact, they tell us the border is secure. Another policy of this govt which is a fact.

4. America was a world leader in energy production, dependent on no one. We could provide for ourselves & other nations. We also do it cleaner than any other nation, if you are concerned with the environment. As a result, the economy prospered as did all Americans. The policy of this govt has done away with that which is a fact,

5. America’s major health issue is Crime. Remember that saying the ‘Wild West,’ well it couldn’t compare to today in many ways, most of all concerning the punishment. In the ‘Wild West,’ you went to prison, they shot ya or they hung ya. Today criminals don’t even have to worry about prison or bail for that matter, there is no punishment. We see the crime epidemic spreading from Democrat-controlled areas across the country & in time it may knock on your door. We even see police walking into ambushes & being murdered in Connecticut, Detroit, Georgia, and Los Angeles County. I’m not talking about police dying enforcing the law. These are police who were just recently lured to a location where they were fired on, an execution, 56 police have been killed this year. Remember ‘Defund the Police,’ our govt said that & they did it, another policy of this govt which is a fact.

The problem is there is so much danger in America today I can’t take the space to express them all, in numerous areas, many institutions, agencies, and corporations are contributing to America’s problems. Does the major question become if the govt is there to protect & serve us why are they doing this? How many facts should it take for someone to realize something evil is present here?

At this point, I’ll just feel better if people are at least aware of problems & where they are coming from even if they don’t reach the point of asking why it’s being done. Just enough info that gets them thinking & motivates them to vote to save America. So, I guess I’m asking that you send this to someone who doesn’t feel as you do, one at a time Patriots will stand up for America but only if we reach them.

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Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

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