• March 20, 2023

Portland Maine Forces Homeowners to Pay for People Here Illegally

 Portland Maine Forces Homeowners to Pay for People Here Illegally


Homeowners in Portland, Maine will get to pay for free homes for illegal aliens the federal government places in their city. The homeowners will pay higher real estate taxes to cover this local government housing mandate.

The people coming illegally will live in homes for ‘free’.

In a vote on June 6th, Portland residents learned that they’d be paying an additional 4.8% on their property tax bill so that federally-placed asylum seekers could remain and live in their deteriorating city for free.

In case you haven’t heard, DHS is now bussing and flying illegal aliens all over the country. NBC News reviewed Department of Homeland Security documents showing that border towns are overrun. So they will bus and drop the massive wave of unvetted humanity deep into the country.

The federal government dishonestly calls almost all illegal aliens “asylum seekers.” So, Portland’s getting illegal aliens masked as asylum seekers.

The aliens were placed by the federal government and now Maine homeowners will pay for it. The federal government now ignores another part of immigration law – the one that says the US does NOT accept public charges.

WGME, a local news station reporting on the taxpayer burden, explained:

“Portland property taxes will soon be going up by 4.8 percent. Last year, families with a $400,000 home paid about $5,200 in property taxes. With this new increase, it’ll be around $5,550 for that same home. That’s an increase of about $350.”

This comes at a time when Americans can afford it the least.

This is socialist communist theft. The government in some states and the federal government are destroying the country.

You don’t own your home. The government does.

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