• May 24, 2024

Potentially “One of the Most Catastrophic Far-Left Censorship Efforts” in Internet History

 Potentially “One of the Most Catastrophic Far-Left Censorship Efforts” in Internet History


Google and YouTube gave a $13.2 million grant to a global fact checker, and, as Matt Whitlock reported, it has “the potential to be one of the most catastrophic far-left censorship efforts in the history of the internet.”

“Google and YouTube are announcing a $13.2 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the nonprofit Poynter Institute to launch a new Global Fact Check Fund to support their network of 135 fact-checking organizations from 65 countries covering over 80 languages. Building on our previous work to address misinformation, this is Google and YouTube’s single largest grant in fact-checking,” Google Outreach reports.

“Poynter (Politifact) has posed as a non-partisan fact-checker for years while being almost exclusively funded by far-left megadonors with political agendas,” Whitlock tweeted.

“Remember that Politifact – already empowered by libs at Meta to demonetize and take down pages that don’t promote liberal nonsense – is funded by the same people who fund Planned Parenthood. It’s always been a liberal op to fundamentally alter reality,” Whitlock said.

The far left has another venue for global censorship that could mean the end of conservative and libertarian news. This new fake fact checker is tied to deep-pocketed leftists like George Soros to name one of the bad actors.

They will do instant fact checks according to far-left fact checkers. The worst actors will decide ‘truth.’

You will be constantly bombarded with their ‘truth.’

Truth will be whatever they tell you it is. You will never find an escape or relief from their indoctrination. They are great at twisting the truth – very convincing.

Google wrote: There are a number of ways Google helps you better understand the information you come across online.

Who asked for their help? They think you’re stupid and need their help to decide what to think.


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