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President Trump Lawyers Provide Key Insight on Background of Mar-a-Lago Raid via Letter to Legislative Gang-of-Eight

 President Trump Lawyers Provide Key Insight on Background of Mar-a-Lago Raid via Letter to Legislative Gang-of-Eight

If you are deep in the political research weeds about the weaponization of government, there is a letter from lawyers representing President Trump to the chair of the House Intel Committee that is very interesting [pdf available here].

The letter is written to HPSCI Chair Mike Turner and copied to the other seven members of the gang-of-eight in the Senate and House.  The letter outlines the details of the documents that became the contested issue between the DOJ-National Security Division (‘NSD’, important distinction), specifically a DOJ-NSD official named Jay Bratt, and the attorney for President Trump, Mr. Evan Corcoran.

The letter is fascinating because it outlines how the process of moving documents from the White House was weaponized by a politically motivated National Archives and Records Administration (“NARA”), and the letter also gives fulsome context to the types of “classified materials” that have been insanely over emphasized by media.

[…] “Tim Parlatore and Jim Trusty, two of the undersigned counsel for President Trump, reviewed all 15 boxes at NARA earlier this year and based on that review, it is clear to us what happened. The boxes contain all manner of documents from the White House, are loosely grouped by date, and include newspapers, magazines, notes, letters, and daily schedules. Following its review of the materials, NARA inserted placeholder pages where it had removed documents with classification markings. That allowed Messrs. Parlatore and Trusty to discern what the documents were, as well as what other materials in the boxes were in the proximity of the marked documents when the White House staff packed them. The vast majority of the placeholder inserts refer to briefings for phone calls with foreign leaders that were located near the schedule for those calls.”  (page 3, pdf link)

Additionally, get this part…  despite the standard process that has been in place for the prior four administrations, the NARA refused to participate in the collection of any documents from the White House during the transition phase following the November 2020 election.

The NARA refused to assist in the collection of the Trump records for national archive holding and review, and then the NARA triggered a sequence of events that led to the DOJ using a reference from the NARA, to weaponize a process they refused to engage in.  The NARA refused to do their specialized bureaucratic job, and then the NARA used what they defined as an incomplete job as a reason to refer the outcome to the DOJ.   The details are quite interesting.


The letter details how the DOJ-NSD then weaponized the process, fought with the FBI investigative and supervisory agents who were saying Trump was doing nothing wrong, and then culminating in a documented lie to the Florida magistrate, in order to get a politically motivated search warrant.

The DOJ will not release the documents they used to convince the judge to obtain the warrant.  Additionally, the DOJ will not release a list of the documents, or even describe the documents, they later claimed are classified.   To this date, the Trump defense team is being told President Trump held classified documents, yet the DOJ will not describe to the lawyers who represent President Trump, what those classified documents are.

I strongly urge anyone interested to read the 10-page letter.  It is a key part of the puzzle being explained and outlined.


Trump Classified docs response to hpsci

If, like me, you see the elements of the Washington DC corruption through a prism of bipartisan participation and purposefully blind willfulness; and if you overlay the entire mechanics of what we can document to be undeniably true about the scale and scope of the participating enterprises who operate within this corrupt system of government; and if you accept that multinational corporations, mega-financial conglomerates, and powerful interests in control of money are the true seats of power behind the DC Potemkin Village; then you can fully grasp how this specific part of the weaponized government against Donald Trump system fits into the bigger picture.

The depth of the DC corruption is stunning; yet so too is the intensity of the sunlight that is so easy to put upon it with simple truths.

This is not an 800lb gorilla sitting in the corner of the room that everyone pretends not to see.

This scale of corruption is more akin to a 30,000 lb blue whale laying on top of the house, fin and flippers hitting the ground and crushing the neighbors’ rose bushes, while the tail blocks the streets and the stench of it all permeates the air for a dozen miles….  Yet, the owners of the house keep inviting everyone to the cocktail parties, and the guests pretend not to notice anything.

It’s all just so damned weird.

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