• February 21, 2024

PRIORITIES: Newly Sworn in Democrat Mayor of Akron, Ohio Immediately Appoints DEI and Climate Change Staffers

 PRIORITIES: Newly Sworn in Democrat Mayor of Akron, Ohio Immediately Appoints DEI and Climate Change Staffers

The city of Akron, Ohio has just sworn in their new Democrat Mayor Shammas Malik. In one of his first orders of business as mayor, Malik appointed staffers to focus on DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and climate change.

The public is absolutely exhausted with the left’s obsession with both of these subjects and Democrats do not care.

DEI is divisive and is ruining our institutions of higher education. Climate change is an excuse to tell people what they can and cannot buy, where they can and cannot live, and how they are allowed to use energy.

The new mayor is obviously trying to please the Democrat voters who elected him.

The Washington Examiner reports:

New Democratic mayor of Akron, Ohio, announces DEI and climate change team in first moves

Newly sworn-in mayor of Akron, Ohio, Shammas Malik, designated three new Cabinet officials including a director of diversity, equity, and inclusion and a newly-created director of sustainability and resiliency.

According to his office, Esther Thomas will serve as Malik’s director of DEI, Casey Shevlin will be the director of the new climate-focused office, and Stephanie Marsh will join as Malik’s director of communications. The group joins chief of staff Brittany Grimes Zaehringer and chief of strategy Nanette Pitt, both of whom were appointed in mid-December, in Malik’s Cabinet.

The 32-year-old, Akron’s first millennial mayor, made the announcement before taking the oath of office on New Year’s Day.

Malik secured the Democratic primary victory in May 2023 and was elected in November.

Today, we announced four new members of our team – including the city’s first ever Director of Sustainability and Resiliency. I’m really excited about the team we’re building!

Learn more at the press release: https://t.co/Zjy9ou1Vqe#Akron#TogetherForAkronpic.twitter.com/g64B8gPfmE

— Shammas Malik (@shammasmalik) December 29, 2023

His Republican opponent was disqualified, so he ran unopposed.

Akron City Councilor Shammas Malik has a commanding lead in the Democratic primary for mayor. With no Republican opponent, he is projected to become the first Muslim and first person of color Mayor of Akron. Congratulations @shammasmalikpic.twitter.com/XuIOapnZAq

— Jetpac Resource Center (@Jetpac_Inc) May 3, 2023

Republicans absolutely must start running more candidates for city mayors. You can’t win

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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