• May 20, 2024

Protecting U.S. Bulk-Power System & Technology from Bad Actors: Part 1

 Protecting U.S. Bulk-Power System & Technology from Bad Actors: Part 1

With all of the distractions taking place
throughout the U.S., there are some critical developments in the electricity
and energy power sector that people should be paying attention to. On May 1,
2020, President Trump signed executive order “Securing the United States
Bulk-Power System,” which was one of the most important executive orders to
date, yet it was a blip on most people’s radar. In fact, there have been a
string of key executive orders and bills put in place regarding the power
supply and technology sectors to protect the U.S. from potential harm. While
all eyes have been on 5G and Huawei, few seem to be paying attention to the
bigger picture – electricity, solar, “climate change” agendas, manufactured
parts, foreign interference and outsourcing – essentially, our entire powered

There are three individuals who have
played vital roles in taking advantage of the U.S., running specific deals to
benefit China, and focusing on monopolizing the energy and technology industries,
among others, from high positions of financial authority, two of whom have
flown under the radar with most people.

To understand the significance of securing the U.S. bulk-power systemwhich provides the electricity that supports our national
defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy, and way of
life, below is a timeline of some key events leading up to this
executive order, President Trump’s mindset on this long before he became
President, and critical events that followed the order. Part two examines three
specific individuals who have been running deals in a small circle for decades,
with connections to familiar faces.

Timeline of Key Events, EO’s and Bills


Former President Obama’s Department of Energy put together the “Island Playbook” so Richard Branson and the Clintons could carry out their “Ten Island Pilot Program” which resulted in over 20 islands, and has expanded to include Bill Gates, George Soros, and numerous others, whereby they are installing solar panels and wind farms while also building sustainable infrastructure and taking overRead More

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