• April 15, 2024

Raiders’ Davis Open To Signing Kaepernick

It looks like there’s at least one NFL team willing to take a gamble on Colin Kaepernick.

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis told NBC Sports Bay Area that he believes Kaepernick deserves another shot at signal-calling in the league he spurned.

“If our coaches and general manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms,” Davis said. “I think Colin is a very misunderstood human being. I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him. I never really knew Colin, and I didn’t understand him. I didn’t understand the kneeling, what that meant initially. Over time, I have learned a little bit more about it.”

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It’s actually much easier to understand Kaepernick than Davis thinks.

Through countless examples over the past several months, Kaepernick has shown himself to be one of the most egocentric characters in all of sports. He has hogged attention, pulled publicity stunts at college spring games, and kept the narrative around him focused on how he was mistreated by the league (despite wanting to come back and potentially play back up). While he may have at one point had a (very weak) case for calling himself a victim, that ship has long sailed.

Frankly, of all the teams in the NFL that would potentially be ok with giving Kaepernick a second chance, the Raiders makes the most sense. Over the past six months, the Silver and Black have become somewhat of a social justice hub. Remember, they fired former head coach Jon Gruden for insensitive comments he made roughly 10 years ago, and celebrated defensive end Carl Nassib when he became the first openly gay NFL player to participate in a game.

So why not just roll the dice and take your chances on a toxic individual who is way past his prime and will likely destroy any healthy team dynamic you have? Seems like a logical thing to do.

Taking a chance on Kaepernick seems dangerous, but in Vegas, crazy risks are more than common.

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