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Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
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Millions of Americans

I try to think of another American that is being so pursued as Trump. From the moment he declared a run for the Presidency to today, there has been a severe escalation of attacks upon this one individual. You must ask why & you also must answer because his beliefs are those of millions of Americans.

I remember when he said, ‘They’re not after me, they’re after you,’ at a rally. We knew he was speaking the truth, look around us. After last night I think we have proven one thing, the polls agree with the results in Iowa, Trump is leading by a lot, proven by votes cast not political assumptions.

I know that’s Republicans voting however the polls show support across all lines. I hope people realize it’s not just ‘Trump people’ it’s also millions of diverse Americans who support government policies they feel are necessary to the preservation of America. The reality is Trump isn’t in the lead, the American People are with hope of Prosperity, Freedom & Safety.

A majority of those voters believe the legalities against Trump are politically motivated, that’s a common-sense belief to me. This only leaves me with the belief, that there are a # of people in power utilizing the legal system who will do whatever is necessary to deny Americans the policies they feel are best for America.

Another enlightening aspect who was 2nd in Iowa? DeSantis with some similar policies & a history of success. That tells me this Presidential election will be about policies & the trust of the American people. When it comes to the Trust vote Trump has already established that.

It seems one of the biggest mistakes was in the multiple indictments against Trump. That only reinforced people’s suspicions of a politically motivated effort. We have reached the point of a govt losing all respect & trust to the point of nonacceptance by the American people. They have already decided on the next President of the United States to lead America. Trump got 3 times more votes than all candidates combined, as he said now is the time for the Party to unite & he’s right. The only thing left is to count the votes in the next election. That’s why election integrity is critical to all of us & we need to concentrate our efforts in that area. We need the voice of America heard loud & clear by WeThePeople.

What America needs now is for the Republican Party to realize Americans across the board want Trump, cancel the primaries & declare Trump the Party candidate. Saving all others further expenses & time, it’s time to unify & concentrate on winning the next election & preserving America.

Don’t impeach Biden, just get the facts out to the American people & let them decide in November, Biden is the best asset we have for winning and restoring America. Remember this election isn’t about one man, it’s about millions of Americans who love the country they live in.

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