• February 21, 2024

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Launches Campaign to Impose TERM LIMITS on Congress – Pelosi “Has Been Serving Longer Than I’ve Been Alive”

 Rep. Madison Cawthorn Launches Campaign to Impose TERM LIMITS on Congress – Pelosi “Has Been Serving Longer Than I’ve Been Alive”

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital on Thursday, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC) announced his plans to introduce and push potentially groundbreaking legislation that would impose much-needed term limits on the US House and Senate.

Cawthorn’s proposal would limit elected officials’ time in office to six terms for members of the House and two terms for Senators, setting a 12-year maximum for both.

When announcing his plan, Cawthorn, who is the youngest current congress member at just 26 years old, said it’s about time to “drain the swamp, and added that he believes 12 years is a “reasonable amount of time” to make an impact and do what you were sent there to do.

“If you’re not able to accomplish your goals in over a decade, I really don’t want you to represent me anyway,” Cawthorne clarifies.

Damn straight. In other words, no more career swamp creatures who are too busy selling out the country in order to enrich themselves. Go in, do your job, leave. It’s how it should be.

But, unfortunately, pulling this sort of legislation off is a long shot. In order for term limits to be imposed on both bodies, it requires a constitutional amendment; therefore, the change would have to pass with a two-thirds majority in each the House and the Senate. If it passes those hurdles, it must then also be ratified by three-quarters of the states, which is a total of 38.

Although the prospects look bleak right now, Cawthorn understands the massive challenge he faces – especially with both chambers being effectively controlled by Democrats – and he also has a pretty good plan on how to get the ball moving in the right direction – a “term limits tour” that will blitz the midterms, he explained.

From Fox News:

The freshman lawmaker acknowledges his legislation has little hope of passage this year, but he plans to use the bill to launch a “term-limits tour” around the country to gin up support for the measure in state capitals and make it a priority for fellow Republicans should they retake Congress next year.

He also will use the legislation as an endorsement tool for the 2022 midterms, with candidates having to pledge they’ll back the bill when it comes up for a vote.

“I really want to drain the swamp,” said Cawthorn, railing against politicians who have been in office for decades and noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 81, has “been serving for longer than I’ve been alive.”

“I think the American people deserve a class of elected officials that aren’t entrenched in Washington, D

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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