• June 19, 2024

REPORT: Joe Biden Faces Major Enthusiasm Gap In Home State Of Pennsylvania

 REPORT: Joe Biden Faces Major Enthusiasm Gap In Home State Of Pennsylvania

Joe Biden was a Senator for Delaware before becoming Obama’s VP but his home state is Pennsylvania.

You may have heard Biden referred to as ‘Scranton Joe’ in the past.

But now it’s coming to light that he may not be able to deliver Pennsylvania to the Democrats this fall. Trump won the state in 2016.

Selena Zito reports at the New York Post:

Biden is facing a real enthusiasm problem in home state of Pennsylvania

Despite a deadly pandemic, staggering unemployment and racial unrest, Pennsylvania voters showed up in record numbers to take part in their presidential primary Tuesday — even though the results were a foregone conclusion.

“We are already looking at a 40 percent voter turnout, which is what we hit in 2016 where there were still contested races on both sides of the aisle,” said Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County executive. “These numbers are way off the charts.”

And judging by the numbers so far, President Trump drew voters out in force. With almost 98 percent of districts counted, Republicans have cast more than 861,000 ballots for Donald Trump, with 734,000 Democrats voting for Joe Biden.

And while it’s still unclear how many people voted in person versus mail-in ballot, some counties are reporting that Trump drew plenty of supporters out of their homes.

This is the most telling part of the report:

Four years ago, pundits dismissed the overwhelming number of Trump signs posted on back roads, farms and highways in Rust Belt states as an unscientific measure of voter enthusiasm. But the signs for Trump (and lack of signs for his opponent Hillary Clinton) revealed a passion factor that traditional polls missed.

In 2020, Trump signs are once again everywhere in Pennsylvania. And Biden signs seem nonexistent.

Just look at these numbers:

Pennsylvania primary results:

(R) Trump 748,110 (80% reporting)

(D) Biden 572,691 (60% reporting)

Sanders 141,106

2012 Obama 616,102 total votes


Bernie still a problem for Biden. Enthusiasm flat for Ds.

Trump holding, beats Obama numbers 8 years earlier.

— Chris Stigall (@ChrisStigall) June 3, 2020

Keep an eye on Pennsylvania on election night.

If it goes for Trump again, the race will likely be over at that moment.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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