• February 28, 2024

REPORT: Joe Biden Scrambling to Win Back Black Voters in Swing States as Support Falters

 REPORT: Joe Biden Scrambling to Win Back Black Voters in Swing States as Support Falters

Joe Biden is reportedly scrambling to win over black voters in swing states, a voting bloc that no Democrat should have to worry about in an election year.

At least one recent poll has shown that Trump is making significant gains among black voters.

It’s no wonder that these voters are considering their options. The Biden economy is hitting all Americans, regardless of race.

FOX News reports:

Biden scrambles to win over swing state Black voters as support from the traditionally blue bloc falters

President Biden’s re-election campaign is launching a targeted effort to shore up support from Black voters in two swing states as his backing from the traditionally blue voting bloc continues to falter.

The effort, centered around an ad that will run in Georgia and North Carolina, comes after a bad month for Biden that saw his likely general election opponent, former President Trump, make significant gains among Black voters. Democratic strategists and liberal political pundits have also warned that Black enthusiasm for Biden’s re-election was waning.

The ad, titled “Compete,” shows Patrick Brown, a Black farmer from North Carolina, praising Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for what he said was the administration’s investment in Black farming communities.

“Joe Biden gets it. He is invested in us, getting us access to land, broadband, capital and infrastructure, so we can compete. It means a lot to have a president that listens. The laws the Biden-Harris administration has passed directly address our community,” Brown said.

This has got to be setting off alarm bells for Democrats.

I have never seen a poll where Biden is underwater with black voters but the fact that it’s getting close is very bad. https://t.co/cyVYC4oy3X

— Ryan James Girdusky (@RyanGirdusky) December 14, 2023

For far too long, the Democratic Party has taken the Black vote for granted, offering grand promises that have too often gone unfulfilled. It’s high time for Black Americans to realize that Democrat policies have not delivered.

People are waking up. https://t.co/crP0rMsRZF

— Chief James Craig (@chiefjamescraig) December 13, 2023

This is significant. If even a small percentage of black voters abandon Biden in 2024, his goose is cooked.

REPORT: Joe Biden Scrambling to Win Back Black

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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