• December 2, 2023

REPORT: The Pentagon Just Failed its Sixth Straight Audit – Trillions of Dollars ‘Missing’

 REPORT: The Pentagon Just Failed its Sixth Straight Audit – Trillions of Dollars ‘Missing’

The Pentagon has just failed its sixth audit in as many years.

In early October, it was reported that the Pentagon was crying broke to Congress, now this.

Considering that the world is on fire under Biden, now would be a good time to have our Defense Department in order, but no such luck.

The Daily Caller reports:

Pentagon Fails Sixth Straight Audit With Little Improvement From Last Year

The Department of Defense (DOD) failed its sixth straight audit with little positive change from the year prior, despite pledges from Pentagon leaders to make improvements on the massive undertaking each year.

Auditors gave seven of the department’s 29 sub-agencies a clean audit in 2023, with no change from the 2022 audit, according to a Wednesday statement. Although it’s not a surprise that the DOD hasn’t yet been able to account for its $3.8 trillion enterprise and $4 trillion in liabilities, scattered across 50 states and 4,500 sites globally, DOD officials previously said they expected to see incremental improvement, Defense News reported.

“Auditing the Department’s $3.8 trillion in assets and $4.0 trillion in liabilities is a massive undertaking,” said Pentagon comptroller Michael McCord, “but the improvements and changes we are making every day as a result of these audits positively affect every soldier, sailor, airman, marine, guardian and DOD civilian.”

The Pentagon began formally auditing itself in 2018, one of the last federal agencies to begin doing so after Congress required the practice in 1990.

This seems like kind of a big deal.

The recent failure of the Pentagon’s 6TH audit couldn’t make it clearer that we need accountability & transparency. It’s time to independently #AuditthePentagon. No institution is above scrutiny, especially the DoD w/ the largest budget of ANY fed agency. https://t.co/ATqPB3ZYlS

— Rand Paul (@RandPaul) November 16, 2023

The Pentagon has failed its sixth straight audit.

$3.8 trillion vanished into thin air.

Any other organization would face consequences.

— Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) November 16, 2023

Since 2018, Pentagon audits have been federally required. Today, for the 6th straight year, the Pentagon

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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