• June 24, 2024

Representative Norma Torres recently very publicly attacked Mike Cargile (R)

 Representative Norma Torres recently very publicly attacked Mike Cargile (R)

MIKE CARGILE A Family Man -Veteran- A Choice in the Right Direction



Representative Norma Torres recently very publicly attacked Mike Cargile, Congressional Candidate in California’s 35th Congressional District.


Cargile states, “I hope that Mrs. Torres isn’t so distraught that she would contemplate withdrawing from the race. If Norma Torres were to withdraw, it would do irreparable harm to the voters of the 35th by denying them a chance to hear both of our views for the future of the District.”


He further notes, “I’m not at all surprised by her vicious attacks. The Media Matters hit piece chose a select portion of a two year old conversation regarding my opposition to former President Obama’s transgender policy, the destructive use of the “N” word in culture (especially music) and the solution for it all…a return to traditional family values.”


Cargile states, “People are hurting, they are afraid, our country is being torn apart and our elected leaders appear to be missing in action. The families of the 35th need to hear both of our opinions on issues close to home. I believe jobs are created in an environment of lower taxes and less regulation. She does not. Churches should be allowed to worship and function freely under the 1st Amendment and she is okay with government mandating their religious practices. Every American should be able to freely purchase a firearm to defend themselves, their loved ones or their livelihoods. Norma not only opposes this, but supports defunding the police. These are but a few of a myriad of issues upon which I would welcome an open, civil discussion for the benefit of all the voters of the 35th which encompass Pomona, Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Fontana, Bloomington and Rialto.”


Cargile further states, “However, at this point, I would completely understand her rationale if she wanted to back out. After her Impeachment of our President and State of the Union theatrics, it would be virtually impossible for her to work with President Trump and the rest of the Congress as they work to rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world and maybe bring the Golden State along with it this time.”



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