• December 8, 2023

Republican Lawmakers in Florida Are Targeting Scholarships and Grants for College Students Supporting Hamas

 Republican Lawmakers in Florida Are Targeting Scholarships and Grants for College Students Supporting Hamas

In recent weeks, people across the country have been shocked and disgusted to see anti-Semitism and open support for Hamas on college campuses.

The protests and demonstrations began almost immediately following the attacks on Israel on October 7th.

Republican lawmakers in Florida are taking action by targeting funding for these students. This is the way to do it. If you want this garbage to stop, shutting off the money is a great place to start.

Politico reports:

Florida Republicans target scholarships, grants for students supporting Hamas

Florida college students who “promote” Hamas and other designated terrorist organizations could have their scholarships, grants and other benefits yanked from them under a new bill proposed Wednesday by Republican lawmakers.

The idea is the latest attempt by Florida policymakers to punish college students who are expressing support for Palestinians as the Israel-Hamas war rages on with tensions enflamed on campuses across the country. Already, Florida has attempted to disband Students for Justice in Palestine groups at two state universities while Gov. Ron DeSantis on the GOP presidential campaign trail pledges to cancel student visas for anyone sharing “common cause with Hamas.”

“Florida taxpayers should not be in the business of subsidizing the education of terrorist sympathizers who wish to do us, and others, harm,” state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill), who sponsored the Senate bill, said in a statement.

Identical legislation filed in Florida’s House and Senate would make students ineligible for several key financial benefits at state colleges and universities if they promote a “foreign terrorist organization.” In the proposed law, this would specifically include “Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad” as well as other organizations designated by the U.S. State Department to possess “capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity.” The word “promote” is not defined in the proposals.

Many students in the United States just take funding for higher education for granted. It’s not a right.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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