• May 24, 2024

‘Resettle’ Gazans Who Support Jihad Terrorism in the US

 ‘Resettle’ Gazans Who Support Jihad Terrorism in the US

What exactly is the argument for resettling a popularity that supports terrorism in America? A death wish?



  1. somehistory says

    biden probably has already brought them in. We know that thousands of foreigners have been flown in at taxpayer expense…both up front expense in actual dollars, and back door expense by what their presence here is going to cost each citizen.
    Housing, food, medical, clothing, etc. and the regular crimes of theft, assault, rape, murder; and then on top of that, acts of terror.

    bo made the claim when upfront pretending to be president that “America is one of the largest mozlum countries.” (perhaps he doesn’t say mozlum like I spell mozlum) And behind the scenes, when he’s still pretending to be president, he’s turning America into a mozlum country….ruled by terror groups.

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