• December 2, 2023

Retired Officers Still Lying About Ukraine While Media Coming to Grips with the Unfolding Debacle

 Retired Officers Still Lying About Ukraine While Media Coming to Grips with the Unfolding Debacle

Whew! That’s a long title. Sorry, but needed to be said. Let’s start with David Petraeus. He never learned the the first rule of crisis management — “when you’re in a hole, stop digging.” If he keeps this up he will carve out a hole that leads to China. Here is what he posted recently on his Linked-In page:

2 September 2023: An exceptional report by the NYT’s Marc Santora that describes how the Ukrainians are conducting the offensive operations that are now slowly retaking territory in the south — and validating assessments that the Ukrainians have adapted their tactics effectively…

Key points:

“The mission for the Ukrainian unit was to take a single house, in a village that is only a speck on the map but was serving as a stronghold for Russian soldiers.

Andriy, a veteran marine, had waited for three days with his small assault team — none of whom had seen combat before — as other Ukrainian units crawled through minefields, stormed trenches and cleared a path to the farming village of Urozhaine. Finally… the order came to move. . . .

The months long campaign to breach heavily fortified Russian lines is being conducted in… many forms of battle, with artillery duels and drone strikes across the breadth of the front… But the engine driving the effort are hundreds of small-scale assault groups, often just eight to 10 soldiers, each tasked with attacking a single trench, tree line or house.

In this tactical approach, small villages loom large. They line paved roads, facilitating transport, and the buildings, even those ravaged by shelling, provide a measure of cover…

Effective operations? Not so fast. NY Times is out with another piece. How about the canard that Ukraine is taking more territory than the Russians? The graphics in the NY Times piece tell a different story:

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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