• June 25, 2024

Retiring Seattle Cop Rips Mayor and ‘Extremist’ City Council in Brutal Resignation Letter

 Retiring Seattle Cop Rips Mayor and ‘Extremist’ City Council in Brutal Resignation Letter

Cities controlled exclusively by Democrats are falling apart, and much of it has to do with crime and the handcuffing of law enforcement.

Police are leaving Minneapolis faster than the city can hire them and taxpayers are fleeing Portland.

In Seattle, one police officer just resigned and made her thoughts known in a scathing resignation letter.

FOX News reports:

Retired Seattle cop unloads on ‘spineless mayor’ and ‘extremist’ city council in brutal resignation letter

A now-retired Seattle police officer unleashed 23 years of pent-up frustration with police and city leaders in an “unfiltered, raw, and unapologetic” resignation letter.

Lt. Jessica Taylor, formerly of the Seattle Police Department, retired on Aug. 1. However, instead of filling out the standard exit interview form, she wrote a scathing letter in which she lambasted Police Chief Adrian Diaz, Mayor Bruce Harrell and the Seattle City Council for allowing the city to descend into “anarchy & chaos.”…

“Chief Diaz, let me tell you, the state of the Seattle Police Department and this city is a disgrace,” she wrote. “The toxic mix of the Seattle City Council’s absurdity, the spinelessness of the Mayor, the leniency of the prosecutor’s office, and your failed leadership has accelerated this city’s downhill slide straight to rock bottom. The problems were already brewing before you came on the scene, but since your arrival, it’s been a free fall into anarchy & chaos.”

“The Seattle City Council has lost touch with reality and is making decisions that defy common sense and basic logic,” Taylor charged. “Their priority is playing politics and pandering to radical ideologies, rather than genuinely serving the city’s and its residents best interests. Their absurd policies have turned Seattle into a playground for anarchists and criminals, and they seem utterly unconcerned with the devastating consequences of their actions.”

Read more of the letter here.

People are responding to her message.

All papers in the State of Washington should run this as an editorial every day until either things change or they are voted out


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