• June 22, 2024

Roger Ailes’ Widow Explains Why Fox Might Never Come Back

 Roger Ailes’ Widow Explains Why Fox Might Never Come Back

Fox News has lost a large part of its audience, and they might never come back. Beth Ailes might have the answer as to why.

Beth Ailes, the widow of late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, said on Tuesday that Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan Murdoch neither love nor understand America “because they weren’t born here.”

A lot of immigrants love America more than some Americans, but that’s potentially not true of the Murdochs.

During an interview with former Fox News host Eric Bolling on his Newsmax show The Balance, Ailes said, “I think the network is falling apart because of the lack of leadership. Obviously, Roger was one of a kind.”

Mrs. Ailes attributed “the decline of Fox” to “three or perhaps four Ts,” which she listed as former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, trust, talent, and former President Donald Trump.

She said Roger built trust in the network over twenty years. She added that it takes a long time to build trust, and Fox is “not the brand it once was.”

Mrs. Ailes also noted an incident in which Roger was frustrated with Megyn Kelly coming down on Donald Trump during the debate. Roger, sitting up in bed, when he said, “What the Hell is she doing?” Beth Ailes said Kelly became a kind of House of Cards character.

People have other ways to get the news other than Fox, she said, and people have left. In her estimation, Fox is now boring, like the other channels. They repeat the same thing over and over during the day.

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