• February 22, 2024

Roger Stone Exclusive: Hunter Biden, The Stones, And the IRS

 Roger Stone Exclusive: Hunter Biden, The Stones, And the IRS

Guest Post by Roger Stone

With the indictment of Hunter Biden has come both wildly inaccurate fake news stories regarding our joint federal tax record, and that my wife and I have somehow evaded taxes or have gotten some kind of sweetheart deal from the IRS and the Biden DOJ. Both are false, but, of course, that doesn’t stop these false claims from trending on X (formerly Twitter). These false claims resurface as we are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary.

Roger Stone and his wife, Nydia Stone

The cases and situations are like apples and oranges:

Hunter Biden may have paid his taxes with a $4.9M infusion of cash from his Hollywood sugar daddy, but Hunter failed to report $8.2M in income.

We, on the other hand, declared every penny of income and fully disclosed all our meager assets. We committed no crime—we are simply unable to pay! We have no multi-millionaire to foot our bills for our full, never-disputed, publicly known tax debt, which is our financial responsibility. The government acted because the age of the remaining tax debt, which had been greatly paid down over eight years, was about to expire under the law.

Like millions of Americans, we owe money to the IRS—that is not disputed. It has been a matter of public record because liens were publicly filed by the IRS. When the IRS transferred the liens from Miami-Dade County to Broward County, which required first canceling the liens in Miami-Dade and refiling them in Broward. Many in the media falsely reported that the Trump IRS had simply “discharged $2.5M of Roger Stone’s tax interest and penalty debt (!) while failing to report that they were now re-filed in Broward in Broward. That we have “delayed or avoided” paying these past due taxes is also false; we made ever-increasing monthly payments to the IRS for 8 years for this debt without interruption prior to the Mueller witch-hunt—driving us to the brink of bankruptcy when we simply could no longer pay.

Our tax accountants have provided all of the information requested by the government. All records submitted to our tax attorneys were accurate and documented. Mrs. Stone is a meticulous record-keeper who, while undergoing cancer treatments, nonetheless compiled years of tax records to meet legal deadlines for submission in tax negotiations.

Yes, we owe $2.6M—but 75% of that is penalty and interest, with the IRS refusing to reduce either in “offer and compromise “negotiations with my tax lawyers. In fact, our tax attorney was engaged

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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