• June 24, 2024

Ryan Long Shames Saturday Night Live (Again)

Comedians can’t be everywhere at once.

If something happens in their own backyard, though, those excuses fade away.

Ryan Long may be Canadian by birth, but the comedian has lived in New York long enough to state the obvious. It’s more like Escape from New York these days.

Crime is soaring. The body count is rising. And New York lovers are saying goodbye to their beloved city. And can you blame them?



The recent mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway station reminded everyone of how far the city has fallen under Democratic rule. How did it happen?

    Defund the police rhetoric sprang to life
    Soft on crime politicians flourished
    Lenient bail decisions flooded the city with criminals

That’s just a short list.

The big picture remains clear. The New York that flourished under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg is but a memory.

Long put an exclamation point on that this week. Long’s latest satirical video found him playing an inmate who’d rather stay in prison than go free in Manhattan.

He’s not crazy, after all.



We used to be able to make an honest living as a criminal without having our lives in danger…Unless the city finds a Batman I’ll be much safer here…

Now, why didn’t Saturday Night Live, famously performed in the Big Apple, attempt something like that first? The show has all the resources a broadcast network can offer, and it’s likely the cast and crew have noticed the city’s nauseating crime spree.

Some may have been personally impacted by it.

So where’s the sketch highlighting the problem? Why did it take a Canadian immigrant to address what millions of New Yorkers are experiencing right now?

And it’s not a local issue. Crime is spiking across the country in Democrat-led cities.

Those last three words likely explain SNL’s silence.

Long’s clip comes on the heels of reality starlet Bethenny Frankel flexing her TikTok account to send the same message. Except she understandably can’t find the humor in soaring crime rates.

Long’s wisecracks speak to something larger. SNL’s silence suggests speaking truth to power no longer matters to the NBC sketch troupe.

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