• December 8, 2023

Senator Josh Hawley Outlines Record of SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Being Lenient Against Pedophiles and Child Sex Abusers

 Senator Josh Hawley Outlines Record of SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Being Lenient Against Pedophiles and Child Sex Abusers


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There is a very serious and sick problem with the exploitation of children, child sex trafficking and deviant sex crimes against children around the world. One of the biggest problems with our open border is the trafficking of children.  Unfortunately, an increasingly visible segment of society has attempted to diminish the problem.  Hollywood and the international fame industry are notorious for their sexploitation of children.

As the evidence in the Jeffrey Epstein case showed us, extremely powerful people participate in the horrific evil of exploiting children for sex.  The networks of politicians and rich billionaires are filled with people who participate in these evil endeavors.

Recently, the far-left sphere of U.S politics have embraced a culture of accepting child sex trafficking and their deviant grooming objectives have now entered the classroom.

To present one reference, you might remember the dozens of female gymnasts who were sexually assaulted for years while the U.S. Olympic Committee and FBI did nothing to stop it {Go Deep}.  Let us be very clear in that example.  The FBI didn’t make a mistake in the cases, nor did the USOC fail in their responsibility; both the FBI and USOC intentionally, willfully and with expressed admissions, facilitated the ongoing rape and sexual abuse of hundreds of pre-teen and teenage girls. The depth of depravity is evil.

American parents and moral people are filled with rage over the lack of concern for this issue. However, the professional political class and the underlying professional judicial class are seemingly ambivalent and willfully blind to the problem as noted by the lack of action at the southern border, and again by the lack of any consequence toward the DOJ for their role in sex trafficking.

In short, the American government itself, specifically including the U.S. Dept of Justice, FBI and the federal judiciary are all participants in the evil enterprise of child sexploitation.  That uncomfortable and completely unnerving reality is why no corrective action takes place from anyone inside the institutions that construct our federal government, including federal law (DOJ) and federal order (courts).


As we are realizing in other aspects of society, the only defenses we have to stop these criminals and protect our children are at the local and state level.  However, as again noted in the educational system (Virginia example) even some of our local school boards are willing to downplay the problem.

That is the background for United States Senator Josh Hawley questioning current Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson about why she has been lenient with sentences against convicted pedophiles and against perpetrators of sex crimes against children.  WATCH (below):


The nomination process itself is a pantomime.  Justice Brown-Jackson will be confirmed.  Both wings of the DC UniParty have to pretend to go through a process because they are still pretending to operate a representative government.

CTH outlined the role KBJ plays in the DC system when we predicted this nomination fifteen months ago in January of 2021. {SEE HERE}  However, that said, the issue Senator Hawley brings up is extremely valid.



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