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Sham Sentencing for two Uranium One defendants starts Weds !

 Sham Sentencing for two Uranium One defendants starts Weds  !

by Harry the Greek

Warner tweeter shaking hands with Caine Jan 3rd 2019.png

Tim Caine (left) and Mark Warner, Senators from Virginia are shaking hands. Others are unidentified. Caine and Warner have top secret clearance. They were directly involved in covering up what really happened in the four Uranium One cases. Two of them, the Lambert and Condrey cases, are covered in this story.


Mark T. Lambert will be sentenced Wednesday for receiving $1.154,079 in bribes.

From 2007 to 2014.

In one of four Uranium One cases.

The amount of the bribes were disclosed March 11th.

Four months after Lambert’s trial ended on Nov. 22nd.

During the three week trial, Prosecutors never told the jury the amount of the bribes.

They never had to.

The jury returned nine guilty verdicts without them.

They included:

  • four counts of corruption
  • two counts of fraud
  • one count of conspiracy


What jury would convict without the Prosecutor proving the paper trail and bribe amounts?

Lambert’s did.


How did Prosecutors come up with $1,157,192 in bribes for Lambert?

Who came up with bribe amount?

Where is the expert report from a CPA specializing in money laundering and forensic accounting?

Or did the calculations come out of thin air?

FBI Special Agent Charles Butcher admitted in a March 11th court filing that the figures came from an unidentified person named Michael J. Petron.

No other explanation for given.

Thin air.

The court documents are in this link:


Lambert bribe amount Charles Butcher and Michael J. Petron image page four of six.png


Petrone’s bribery calculations went unchallenged by the defense.


A two-page court filing dated March 11th by Prosecutors linked here:


The official Justice Department press release dated Nov. 22nd failed to identify an amount.


In fact, Lambert’s attorneys have demanded a new trial for a host of reasons.

The main one was the Prosecution’s failure to cite a single dollar of bribe money.

And where it came from.

And where it ended up.

Lambert, however, only had to pay back:

  • $33,799.46 in cash
  • a Cartier Santos Quartz stainless steel watch worth $6,413
  • a Cartier Ballon Bleu stainless steel and rose gold watch worth $10,070

No attempt was made to collect the rest from:


Prosecutors have never disclosed the terms of Lambert’s jail sentence.

It is up to the Judge Theodore Chuang.

He is a Federal District Judge in Maryland.

Lambert anticipates hearing Chuang’s sentence on Wednesday.


A week later, Judge Chuang will sentence Daren Condrey.

Condrey is a co-conspirator and defendant in a second related Uranium One case.

Condrey was an FBI informant who ratted out Lambert.

William D. Campbell, another FBI informant, was barred from testifying on Lambert’s behalf.

Condrey pled guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud on June 17th, 2015.

Condrey has never:

  • been sentenced
  • posted bail, or
  • served a day in jail.

Neither has Lambert.


Judge Chuang’s name is pronounced Swong.

Rhymes with King Kong.

Guess who filed the original charges in the four Uranium One cases?

Rod Rosenstein, former Assistant Attorney General.

And Andy McCabe, former Assistant Director of the FBI.



Lambert and Condrey worked together for Transport Logistics Inc. (TLI).

They ran the company for five years..

TLI received a 20-year no-bid contract to import and export uranium and other rare metals to:

  • Russia
  • China Nuclear Energy Industry Corp., Beijing, China
  • Canada
  • Namibia (Africa)
  • Australia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Denver, Colorado

It was never limited to Russia.

Details were approved by the Atomic Energy Commission.

And Congress.

Here is an example:

thumbnail_Lambert Canada, Austrlia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Namibia, US 2014.png
Lambert shipping to China NRC letter 2014.png

During Lambert’s trial, the Prosecution admitted bribes started in 1993 before Lambert and Condrey started running the company in 2010.

Transport Logistics bought and sold 20,000 nuclear warheads from Russia.

Where they ended up has never been disclosed.

How much were they sold for?

That has never been disclosed either.

According to Prosecutors, one of the persons responsible for cooking the books was never prosecuted.

Mariia Butina.

Yep, the same person who admitted she was a Russian spy.

Instead, Butina was deported to Russia.

She returned a heroine who duped the U.S.

Butina served 18-months .

The evidence in Butina’s case was destroyed by Judge Tonya Chutkan.


According to court evidence, Butina worked for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For a Russian company called Tenex.


Virginia Senators Tim Caine and Mark Warner, helped celebrate TLI’s new Virginia manufacturing plant in Fulton, Maryland on Sept. 23rd, 2014. .


What did the Senators have to do with reducing a $28,500,000 corporate fine to $221,940.70?

Details are on Pages Eight and Nine in this link:


Sen. Caine is the Senate’s number one backer of NATO in Congress.


Sen. Warner is Vice-Chairman of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence.

Neither were charged in the Uranium One fiasco.

Nor in the coups to take out President Donald J. Trump.

Justice Dept banner headline masthead.png
Uranium One four related casses image.png


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