• February 28, 2024

SHOCKING: Moments Ago Joe Scarborough Lied and Claimed Four Policemen Died on Jan 6

 SHOCKING: Moments Ago Joe Scarborough Lied and Claimed Four Policemen Died on Jan 6

This article originally appeared on JoeHoft.com and was republished with permission.

You can’t make this up.   These people lie so many times they forget what’s true. 

It’s official – Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe is a liar.

Today, more than three years after Jan 6 and the unraveling of the big lie, Joe Scarborough claimed that four policemen died on Jan 6.

Disgusting liar. This is 100% false. https://t.co/mHW0g4UtVT

— Sean Parnell (@SeanParnellUSA) January 20, 2024


Four people did die on Jan 6 but they weren’t policemen or women, they were Trump supporters!

In my book, The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up, I discuss the deaths on Jan 6.  Here is a portion of what I share:

Many Trump supporters walked down to the Capitol, and a huge crowd was on hand outside the building. It was very cold so many individuals returned to their hotel rooms, cars, and homes, but thousands stayed and walked down to the Capitol.

Suddenly, without warning, the Capitol Police—or individuals dressed up like Capitol Police—began firing rubber bullets, flash grenades, and smoke bombs on the crowd. Women, the elderly, and children were in the crowd.  Two older Trump supporters were in the crowd as well. Both middle-aged men were peacefully standing in the crowd when suddenly with no warning grenades, bombs, and bullets began flying.

Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips died that day. They were killed without warning. It’s believed they had heart attacks when flash grenades suddenly blew up in their faces. These men had arrived in DC to meet with other Trump supporters

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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